Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time

This song came on the radio one morning on my way to work and it helped get me into the Christmas spirit.  We haven’t looked back ever since!

Last Thursday I had my closest friends over for a Christmas cookie-making party!


Aunya and Paige making delicious Christmas cookies!


The Decorations


Mica and I are excited about our creations!



I absolutely love how girlie our decorations are!!!

The party was a hit and the cookies were delicious!!!  I remember feeling so overwhelmed about the whole thing beforehand, but it was ALL worth-it!!!

Last Sunday Christopher’s parents surprised my sister and I and brought us to the Christmas Tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree!!!  It took us less than 5 minutes to choose the perfect tree!

We found our Christmas tree in record time!!!

We chose a Frasier and could NOT wait to decorate it!  After placing our tree safely in the truck we headed over to Goodwill to find our ornaments/decorations.  I wasn’t sure what we would find and if we would have ANY luck, but I am happy with the treasures that we found!


Alleyjandra and I excited about her 1st Christmas!

Oscar Definitely approves!!!

I am also thrilled that we found pink and blue ornaments.  I have always wanted to have a pink Christmas tree.  It was definitely over-the-top girlie and pretty much my Dream Christmas tree!!!  It looks like Oscar also approves of our choice!

All of our decorations cost less than $40 which was an added bonus!!!  We spent a little more on the lights to get the energy-saving lights, but I think that it was worth-it!  IMG_6125In addition, we decorated it in record time.  It was nice to have my sister and her boyfriend help me decorate.  I was sad that my man was out of town for work, but I am happy that we got everything festive and decorated by the time he came home!!!  There’s nothing like turning up the Christmas music and decorating the tree together by the fire.  The hot chocolate was also delicious!  Complete with egg nog and rainbow marshmallows.  This will be our 1st Christmas in our new house and it already feels extra special!  I wasn’t expecting us to be so festive this year, but I do love surprises and all this holiday cheer has been more incredible than I could have ever imagined!!!  

It has been a true blessing to be able to spend more time with my little sister!  I am looking forward to all the wonderful memories that we shall create together!!!  

My mom helped me shop for Christopher’s Christmas gift and my sister helped me make it.  I really hope that he likes it!!!  Also, my sister came up with this brilliant idea when it came to wrapping his gift which involved many ribbons and bows!!!  I can’t wait until Christmas when he gets to unwrap this fabulous gift!!!  

Aunya and an Army of Bows!!!

Truthfully I think that the cats have been getting the biggest kick out of all the bows!!! I think that the bows have been arranged every single day and sometimes they are also on new gifts.  It sure was fun wrapping and decorating this gift together!!!  Yesterday evening my sister and I made more Christmas cookies and it was perfect because Christopher’s parents came over for a visit.  It was nice to have a plate full of colorful Christmas cookies along with our festive holiday cocktails!  We spent the evening telling stories by the fire, enjoying our decoratively ornate Christmas tree, and later in the evening had hula hooping contests!  It was definitely a night to remember!  I feel truly blessed to have amazingly supportive people in my life.  What a true blessing.  


Cocktails and Christmas cookies!

It’s the Most Wonderful time of the year!!!


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