A Year Of Faces

Happy New Year Everyone!  I hope this year will be a Wonderful One!!!

BeFunky CollageThis is a collage with pictures from 2012 to now.  I feel somewhat full of myself posting this collage because these are all pictures of me and it is almost embarrassing to admit that I have This many pictures of myself.  I promise that I’m not a narcissist. It was fun to look back on these pictures and remember the times –who I spent my time with, where my mind and heart was at that time and think about how far I have come!

I must admit that I still have to get used to wearing glasses.  It helps a lot to have the right prescription and being able to read signs and see at night does wonders for driving, but I still don’t feel completely comfortable with them yet.

I miss my long long hair from 2012.  In 2013 a friend of mine convinced me to cut it and I took it a step further and decided to donate it to “locks of love” and chopped it down into an A-line bob.  I tried hard to like it, but I still think long hair suits me better and it has taken forever for it to grow back.

In reflection I was also able to look back on my food journal through the years (thanks to Myfitnesspal).  I have noticed that my weight has sat solidly in two places for at least two years each and the difference between the weights is like 20 lbs.  I was able to get under the lower number for a little while in August and that was super exciting for me.  I think I looked and felt the best around my birthday.  It takes a lot of dedication, sacrifice, and consistency to eat cleanly, but the results are worth-it.

I want to get to a healthy place again so that I can look and feel better about myself.  I am planning on doing a “Transform Your Life Project” You should visit the page and join me if you like!

Have a Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Love and Blessings Always,



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