Things I Will Let Go Of In 2015

2015 was a big and challenging year for me.  I have come such a long ways and feel blessed with all the progress and healing that has taken place in these past 6 years.

I know that I am still hanging on to things that make it difficult to move forward.  Here’s my last hour/chance to leave it all behind in 2015.

I will let go of:

  1. My doubts.
  2. My insecurities.
  3. My lack of confidence.
  4. My frustrations.
  5. My pain from the past.
  6. The pain that others have caused me.
  7. The blame I put on others.
  8. My feelings of inadequacy.
  9. My bad habits.
  10. Hanging on to people, feelings, and things, from my past that do not belong in my present or future.
  11. Disrespecting myself.
  12. Coping with candy and junk food.
  13. Sabotaging myself.
  14. My jealousy and envy.
  15. Feeling sorry for myself.
  16. Lost time.
  17. All of my excuses.
  18. The reasons why I can’t.
  19. My fear of failure.

In 2016 I will focus on what I want in my life.  I will:

  1. Believe in myself.
  2. Give myself a chance.
  3. Learn to be confident.
  4. Be open to learning.
  5. Work hard and smart.
  6. Learn to problem solve.
  7. Learn new things.
  8. Acquire practical skills.
  9. Become proficient with computers and technology.
  10. Excel in school.
  11. Be healthy.
  12. Work on my inner beauty.
  13. Be positive.
  14. Be joyful.
  15. Take responsibility for my feelings and my actions.
  16. Be a strong woman.
  17. Pursue my passions.
  18. Make beautiful memories.
  19. Transform.



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