HELP! I Need Some Guidance From Computer Nerds/Geniuses


I was  not one of those kids who grew up with computers or technology…

My dad had a computer, but the only time I used it was for the word processor to type out my papers/essays for school.  I struggled through my online college applications because I did not know how to copy/paste.  I spent an hour typing out my essay and somehow the site timed out before I could save it…  All was lost and I had to rewrite everything from memory.

I swear that I have had a “technology-phobia” for most of my life.  I got my cell phone at 16 only because my parents insisted that I have it in case I needed help.

I did not have my own email address until I was 17 and was admitted into the University.  I bought my very own laptop a week before I left for college and could only do  basic tasks.  My ex destroyed my laptop when I was 19 and I was computer-less from then until 26.

I am now 27 and am still not very comfortable with computers…  

Actually I am more comfortable with computers and technology now than I have ever been, but I still have a long ways to go.  About a year ago, my boyfriend (who studied computer science/computer engineering) gave me a computer.  It was an HP all in one (I was so amazed by the fact that my computer had no additional console.)  It was probably the nicest gift that anyone has ever given me.

I have taken about a decade off from school…  It seemed like every time I would try, some kind of disaster would strike, so I have spent the past 7 plus years working hard (at time juggling 3 jobs) and struggling to get by.  All this time, it has been my dream to get back into school.  In fact I started filling out a college application 4 years ago to the college that I am Finally now attending.

I have had my heart set on doing something in the medical field.  I love being able to help others.  I also know that I need to acquire some practical skills that will help me get a good job that pays the bills.  This past spring my Christopher talked me into studying computer science and now here I am…

I feel in over my head…  Sometimes like I am drowning lost at sea, but as my Grandma from Guam would say, “When you are stuck out in the middle of the ocean you cannot turn back you have to keep swimming.”  I am in a whole new world actually a whole new realm learning a new language.  It is honestly scary.  How am I going to get up to speed enough to succeed at college level computer science skills?  

Right now it is challenging for me to grasp and remember concepts because they are SO foreign to me.  Can I cut it in this program?  Do I have what it takes to learn and catch-up?  Do I want it badly enough?

Yesterday, I was a little worried when Christopher said that it is all going to depend on how badly I want it and how much I am going to work.  I guess when he suggested computers he had NO IDEA exactly how computer illiterate I really was.

He is so busy working long hours at a competitive job that consumes almost all of his time so my studies are going to depend on me.  That’s SUCH a terrifying thought…


Last quarter I studied 12 credits of Discrete Mathematics and that was challenging for me, but I was able to get it for the most part.  This quarter I am learning about Software Development and reading books like “Rebel Code” and the “Mythical Man Month”.  My biggest task is learning a computer programming language.  I am working through a Java Programming book and using Eclipse.

I think I need to get comfortable with computers in general so that I can build my confidence.  In the fall, if I can make any progress I plan on possibly taking a full computer science program and I want to spend from now until then preparing so that I do not set myself up for failure.  Christopher suggested working through tutorials and he said most importantly to be interested in everything that I am learning.

I will try my best.  I don’t want to give up and honestly maybe I haven’t been truly trying as hard as I could.  Let’s see what happens if I truly try as hard as I possibly can.

For any of you out there reading this do you have any tips or advice for a true computer newbie?  I need ALL the help that I can get and I am open to any of your suggestions.  What are your favorite tutorials?  I have started watching “The New Boston.” 

At the very least I just want some inspiration.  PLEASE fill my mind with all the wonderful reasons to get into computers and computer programming.  What kind of opportunities are available.  What inspires you?!?!

Thank you for taking time to read my post and wish me luck!  I will keep you updated.  I hope all of you are having a Fabulously Fantastical New Year!!!  I can tell that this is going to be good!!!  Most of all thank you for your tips and advice!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo



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