2016 Blogilates “Your Year to Grow” Planner

I’m thrilled that my planner has arrived!


There’s a place to write my Bucket List!
Before pic
Inspiration Gallery
Day-by-day pages
Monthly Fitness Tips!
After Pic!

All week long I was looking forward to see when my package would arrive…  I was thrilled when my planner finally arrived in the mail last night.  I absolutely love journaling, list-making, planning, and checking things off.  I wanted to make sure that I got an extra special planner this year to go with my “Transform Your Life Project.”

I have spent the past few weekends searching for the perfect planner, but none of them quite had what I was looking for.  I visited Cassey Ho’s “Blogilates” website http://www.blogilates.com  and was thrilled to see that she has her own planner!  Each page is customized with hand-painted water color art.  I love her creativity and her focus on health. 

There is a page for your “before picture” at the beginning of the year.  Also two pages to write your “Bucket list”  Along with an “Inspiration Gallery”  Where you can write or draw what inspires you.  I like that there is a monthly calendar and a daily calendar also.  At the end of the month she includes workout tips and recipes.  And finally at the very end of the year you have a spot for your “After Pic.”

I love this calendar already and can’t wait to start planning.  In the past I had my greatest success with organization and weight loss when I kept a food journal that had “before and after pics”.  

Here is a link to her shop:


Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Planning.

Love and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo


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