Workout and Word of the Day #4


I might of had an English muffin with butter and strawberry jam along with a couple of slices of Jarlsberg….  Actually I most certainly did and it was delicious!

Visits to my parents’ could very well be hazardous to my health and even detrimental to my waistline…  That is if I do not supervise myself and exercise a little bit of constraint when it comes to delicious food and delightful snacks :).  My parents always have all kinds of snacks, breads, cheese, granola bars galore, soda, and some kind of dish cooking.  It is hard to say no when there is so much temptation…

I am glad I am aware of this now.  Of course I am not going stop visiting my parents.  I love my family I just have to go in with a new awareness and a willingness to say, “no thank you.”  Sometimes, but not always.

Another thing that happens when I visit my family is I lose track of time.  I think my mother is perpetually on “Hawaiian time.”  I missed zumba last night and by the time I was heading home; it was just about time for the gym to close.  I know there will be days like that, but I cannot allow those days when I get a little off track to completely derail me.

This time, I will not lose sight of my goals.  

It was not easy to get up and out to the gym this morning.  My boyfriend works out of town during the week and comes home during the weekends.  I was so warm and cozy, but I pulled myself together and made it to the gym!!!  Guess what I did ?!?!

Today’s Workout of the Day Was:


By now, maybe I am seeming a bit predictable when it comes to my workouts…  If you haven’t drawn the conclusion by now from my other posts; I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO DANCE!!!  One of the main reasons why I chose to join our local YMCA was because they offered the most Mixxedfit classes with instructors that I adore and a wide variety of dance classes.

For the 1st time in my life I can participate in evening classes now that I am not a swimmer or coaching swim team anymore…  I do miss my swimmer’s body though.


Today’s Word of the Day is:


verb (used with object), enumerated, enumerating.


to mention separately as if in counting; name one by one; specify, as in a list:

Let me enumerate the many flaws in your hypothesis.


to ascertain the number of; count.

Dance and Mixxedfit may not be for everyone and that is completely okay.  We all have that activity that gets our hearts pumping and helps us feel completely alive and excited about life.  


  • Go out and try new things
  • Ride a bike
  • Go For a Swim
  • Jog or go for a walk
  • Take Zumba
  • Train for a triathlon
  • Take up Tennis
  • Find a Workout buddy
  • Grab a partner and go swing dancing on a Tuesday night (or have fun going solo)
  • Lift
  • Take a body pump class
  • Find a workout buddy
  • Hire a personal trainer
  • Crossfit it!

Try lots of different things!!!  It will push you out of your comfort zone a little and that is a good thing.  That is how we grow.  Before long, something will strike a chord with you and you will find an activity that you enjoy!  

Do you have fun plans for the weekend?  I am going to spend as much of it as I can studying and the rest of it spending time with Christopher.

Thanks for stopping by on this lovely weekend!

Love and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo


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