Workout and Word of the Day #11

I think it must be a fact that when you miss one day it is so easy to miss two days…  And on and on…  That almost happened to me today.  I woke up early and got in a quick pop pilates workout before work.  I felt great then all of a sudden my stomach felt unsettled and queasy.  I made it through my work day, but I could definitely tell that something was up because my stomach was doing the off and on flip-flops throughout the day.

I had a physical today and found out that my blood pressure is a little high.  They were almost foreign words because for a majority of my life I have been healthy.  Especially back when I was on the swim team.  It was a good reality check for me.  I guess that I am growing older and it is a good thing that I am making it a point to take better care of myself.

I got home and studied, but by 6:00 I felt wiped out and all I wanted to do was go to sleep.  I almost did…  I kept rationalizing about how rest would probably be best for me and exercise might just make it worst, but in the back of my mind I also knew that I picked up a burrito from taco time yesterday on my way home AND I skipped my workout so maybe that contributed to my discomfort.  I’m not gonna lie!  Nap time almost won, but I was determined to not make any more excuses.

I got dressed in my gym clothes and headed in for my workout!

Workout of the Day: Chest Day!

  • 25 Kettle-bell squats
  • 13 Dumbell Chest Presses
  • 13 Dumbell Chest Flys
  • 25 Kettle-bell Squats
  • 13 Push-ups
  • 13 Incline Chest presses
  • 8 Incline Chest flys (these were hard!)
  • 25 Kettle-bell Swings
  • 13 Dumbell Chest Presses
  • 13 Dumbell Chest Fly
  • 25 Kettle-bell Swings
  • 13 Push-ups
  • 13 Incline Chest presses
  • 8 incline Chest flys

Go through that Entire circuit 2xs!!!

  • 10 Kettle-bell windmills each side

Then after my resistance training I was all warmed-up to do Mixxedfit!  We had a full house and everyone was so full of energy!!!  It is also fun because I am starting to get to know some of the other ladies in the class.  It feels like a party everytime!!!

Here is the Quick workout that I started my day with this morning!  I got the blogilates app and it is such a wonderful resource!  Cassey Ho is so vibrant and inspiring.  She includes workout videos, recipes, and a forum on her app.  You should check it out!   Below is a link that describes that app!  If I can get myself up early enough I think I would like to start my day with at least one of her quick workouts.  I really need to tone and strengthen my core!

Let me know if you start doing her workouts too!  We can keep each other on track!

Today’s Word of the Day is:

expatiate- verb

  1. to move about freely or at will: wander
  2. to speak or write at length or in great detail

The naturalist is known for her willingness to expatiate on any number of issues relating to wildlife and the environment.

I was so nervous about today and getting back into the swing of things, but it ended up going pretty well and it definitely ended well too!  I am so glad that I did not skip out on my workout this evening even though I really wanted to.

I think that is a visible part of my transformation.  In my past I would have skipped and rested.  I also would have ended my day with some frozen blueberry yogurt.  Mmmmm…  I will just have to save that for another day!

How was your day?!?!  What was the best thing that happened?  I better head to bed.  I shall see you all tomorrow!

Love and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo

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