Workout and Word of the Day #18


Happy Half-way point of the week everyone!!!  We made it through Wednesday and hopefully the rest of this week will be smooth sailing until the weekend!

It was the 1st day of Finals’ in High school so that meant nearly 2 hour long periods.  The classes felt SUPER long, but one of the perks of being a P.E. teacher is that I am never confined to a desk…  That is until I get home and have to study computers for school :).  It is so hard to believe that 1st semester is coming to a close and on Monday we will get new classes!  I am looking forward to it!

I am loosely following a workout plan, but in the end I usually end up creating my own workout.  This time around I am trying to take a flexible and fluid approach to working out so that I enjoy the process.  Based on the workout plan today was supposed to be a Rest Day and I truly was considering it.  I have been feeling tired and I need to focus on my studies.  I ordered pizza for dinner from a local pizzeria (tried to take a healthier approach than the typical pizza with whole wheat, spinach, pesto, roasted tomatoes, and feta) I wanted a meal that could serve as dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.  After picking up the pizza and seeing that I still had JUST enough time to get to Mixxedfit on time I JUST HAD TO GO!  So I did :). I get extra points for working out before dinner!

Do you know that feeling when you go for a run on a clear day (or even a stormy day) then all of a sudden it starts to downpour?  The wind is blowing in your face and your hair and clothes get covered in raindrops?!?!  You breathe a little harder, work a little harder, feel your heart pumping hard and you realize that THIS is what it is like to feel fully ALIVE.  LIVING OUT LOUD!!!

It has been a long time since I have thought about running in the rain because I have been daunted by it lately.  I would rather stay indoors where it is safe and warm.  Today when I went to Mixxedfit I was sweating by the time we finished our warm-up.  These past two days (ever since I realized that I was having my hair spun too tightly into ponytails and buns that were causing headaches) I have decided to workout with my hair down.  Yeah, it totally got in my face now and then but…

There is something so liberating about dancing with your hair down!!!

I feel free-spirited, sassy, and sexxy.  Especially with all the dancing.  By the end of the workout I felt so sweaty and energized.  It was the same feeling I get when I go running in the rain!!!


This video is kind of weirdly strange and funny at the same time.  I guess you could say they’re doing Pilates in heels with a little bit of hula hooping?  The Mixxedfit dance routine to this is just so much fun.  I had to feature the song!

After Mixxedfit, I could not leave the gym without doing a “little, easy workout.”

Today’s Workout of the Day: Booty, Back, and Core!!!

I did 3 sets of 10 with a few more squats!

  • 12 T-bar Rows
  • 15 Deadlifts with a calf raise
  • 10 Pike Crunches on the Bosu Ball (lift your opposite arm and opposite leg to a pike position then lower)
  • 1 Minute PLANK!
  • 50 Squats Balancing on the Bosu ball (your legs with shake like an earthquake when you first start out, but it gets better with time, I promise!)

2 Sets of 25 will make your Booty Burn!  Make sure you do both sides!

  • 25 Booty lifts
  • 25 Fire Hydrants
  • 25 Hamstring pulses
  • 25 Donkey Kicks

Then makes sure that you stretch out well at the end of this workout!  I hope you enjoyed it!!!

Tonight’s Word of the Day Is:

aeonian- adjective

  1. eternal; everlasting.

Thanks for stopping by for today’s “Workout and Word of the Day.”  Your support really makes a difference and keeps me inspired to keep going!  It means the world to me REALLY and TRULY!!!

Today was another day when I felt tired and unmotivated to workout and I was absolutely sure that I was going to take the day off.  I am SO glad that I decided to workout Anyways! The consistency is doing wonders for me because I am beginning to learn and see that I am capable of sticking with something!  


Set a goal then challenge yourself to stick with the steps and connect the dots that will lead you to your goal!

Have a Wonderful night, my friends!

Love and Blessings Always,

Alana xoxoxo




7 thoughts on “Workout and Word of the Day #18

  1. Okay, I’ll try the Booty Burn because my booty really needs to burn, but the squats on the bosu ball… oh my… I should, but my legs hurts so bad from that other workout I did I had to take some extra ibuprofen and magnesium just to make the pain go away, lol!

      1. I just realized something… but I’m not wanting to ask outright in case you’re not wanting to divulge that information with the internet. If you want to keep private, don’t answer this, but the half you’re thinking of running… is it the same one I’m running on June 18???

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