Workout and Word of the Day #20


There is nothing like a comforting cup of Peppermint Tea after a long day…  Today was not a bad day at all.  I felt a little down, but after putting some things in perspective I was able to pick myself right back up!

It is a good feeling to know that you do not want to do something that you should…  Then doing it anyways.  I was able to get a couple of household chores done before leaving for the gym.

Tonight I went to ZUMBA and had such a wonderful time!  I don’t think that I will ever get tired of dancing.  I want to be able to dance throughout my life so I am going to make sure that I am paying attention to my form and technique. I have been stretching after my workouts, but I would like to start doing Yoga.  I think I will start practicing on my own for a while before I start attending a class.

Here is one of my favorite Zumba songs.  I love the energy of these dancers!  Follow along if you like!

Today’s Workout of the Day: Back, Legs, Rotator Cuff, Waist

3 sets of 12.  Ready, Set, GO!!!

  1. Renegade Rows (By the 3rd set I ended up just doing sit-ups because my hands have been pretty tender)
  2. Side Lunges (make sure you do Both sides!)
  3. Close-grip Pull-downs
  4. Kettlebell Squats with Rows
  5. Bicep Curls
  6. 50 Jumping Jacks
  7. Incline Sit-ups
  8. Rotator-cuff flys (use light dumbells think about excellent posture)
  9. External Shoulder Rotation
  10. Kettlebell Windmills

Today’s Word of the Day is:


  1. a highest point or state; culmination.
  2. the point on the celestial sphere vertically above a given position or observer.

I am starting to notice subtle changes.  I do not crave as much junk food as I used to.  And the times that I have eaten extra goodies were times when I was feeling down or low on energy hoping that it would help me feel better.  I am definitely an emotional eater and I am glad that I know that about myself so that I can be fully aware of it.

I better head to bed!  Tomorrow’s a brand new day!

Sweet Dreams!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo




7 thoughts on “Workout and Word of the Day #20

  1. Fabulous video!! I watched it this morning while having my tea, waking up, getting mentally ready for my run! Awesome! Great way to get motivated! Can’t wait to hear what you decided to do… was it Zumba or Mixxedfit? 😀

    1. Thanks! Yes, I like how upbeat that yet at the same time, relaxing, that song is. What kind of tea did you have this morning? I love tea! I hope you had a wonderful run! I got ambitious this morning! I woke up at 7:40, but made it to 8-9:30 am Zumba!!! Then I left to get a smoothie and came back for 10:30 Mixxedfit! It was fun!!!

      1. Wow! That really sounds like an ambitious morning you had!! But how wonderful, I’m glad you enjoyed it!! I usually only drink English black tea… I’m not a tea connoisseur, but my hubby likes the spicy stuff so we have all kinds, lol. My run went well, I’m happy to say! My shoes felt so good, I was so happy!!! And it didn’t rain while I ran!! Woo hoo! 😀

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