This Is Why You Shouldn’t Always Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!


My theme and focus for this year is: “Transform Your Life.”  Another theme that goes along with this that has been resonating with me a lot lately is the practice of being Completely Honest with myself.  This concept would have completely terrified me in the past because I was SO afraid of getting my feelings hurt.

Over this weekend I have had the realization that in my desire to protect myself and to keep my feelings from getting hurt I have kept myself from growing.  I shielded myself from learning because I made excuses about being so busy rather than admitting to the fact that I was not making progress with my studies because I was not putting in enough time and effort.  I was in denial of the truth because it was painful to admit that I was slacking.

I put on a substantial amount of weight from the months of October thru January.  For a majority of the time, I blamed it on my sedentary lifestyle and the fact that I was not exercising as much.  While both of these facts were true, one of the biggest factors in my weight gain was the choices I was making.  I was drinking fatty coffee drinks on almost a daily basis and dining out WAY more than I should.  I was paying for the convenience with my money AND my expanding waistline.  

This is why you shouldn’t always put your money where your mouth is!!!  I reviewed my bank statements from September through January and decided to add up all the money that I was spending on dining out.  This includes coffee:

  • September- $117.46

  • October – $350.38

  • November – $218.48

  • December – $186.55

  • January – $261.37

And that is NOT including the money I spent on junk food at the grocery store or the times that Christopher and I ate out.  We also had pretty frequent Wine, Cheese, and cracker nights too!  

I am definitely not proud of this, but it is part of my process of being completely honest with myself.  I have a new goal of being smarter with my finances and spending less money on dining out.  These past few weeks I was doing a much better job of cutting down on the coffees, but I have felt myself falling back into that pattern and being less aware of making healthier choices.  I will simply nip those bad habits in the bud and be more aware!

I am even thinking of making my February goals revolve more around being smart with my finances.  A year ago, I was the head coach of my own swim team and my program kept on growing and growing. That was an advantage because the bigger my team was, the more money I could make.   I loved what I did and I made more than twice as much money as I do now.  The only thing was when I was not coaching or teaching I was lifeguarding (which was not very intellectually stimulating) and my managers had indicated that I would not be moving up in management.  I was not very smart about my finances.  I always made it a point to get a mani and pedi at least once a month and a massage sometimes twice a month.  I saw it as self-care and at the time I could afford it more than I can now.  

I was getting burnt out and feeling a little stuck.  I had goals to pursue my education and these past few years, a phrase that has served me well is:

“When you stop growing it is time to get going!!!”

That is exactly what happened and my boyfriend was in full support of me pursuing my education.  I took the leap of faith even though it was hard for me to give up my team.  I accepted my current job and enrolled in school.  

Making half as much money was a significant pay cut for me and a definite sacrifice, but I keep reminding myself that it is worth-it.  I have a full-time job (with GREAT benefits) AND I am in school full-time.  I have learned how to be more thrifty and smart with my money (minus the obvious dining out)  I paint my own nails and do not spend as much money on things that are not necessities.  The next step is being smarter about my meals.

These past few days when I caught myself driving through and ordering a coffee and a cookie I realized that it is time for me to bring awareness to this matter and be honest with myself!

What are some of your favorite lunches/meal-prep ideas?  I would like to hear ALL about it!!!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!!!

Love and blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo

9 thoughts on “This Is Why You Shouldn’t Always Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

  1. Oh meal prep ideas are smoothie ingredients in glass jars-fruits, yogurt, spinach etc, and also boiling dozen eggs,3 or 4 baked sweet potatoes, and several pieces of grilled chicken to use during the week 🙂

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