Some Mondays Simply Call For Self-Care

Today was the first day of the new semester and we got new classes and new students!  I was lucky enough to get a massage appointment scheduled after work!  These past few months, my left hip has been bothering me a little just feeling tight.  When I had my physical, my doctor said that it was Sciatica and it was enough for me to get a referral for a massage.  

To be honest, I try not to buy into those diagnosis’s too strongly.  A couple years ago I was the opener/front desk girl at a gym and was on my feet for hours.  My feet would constantly kill me and I was in so much pain.  I went to the “Walking Company” and they had me stand on that pad that analyzes your feet.  At the time they said that I definitely had “Plantar Fasciitis.”  Back then I could not afford the expensive shoes and I told my massage therapist about it.  He told me not to buy into it and to just be more aware of how I was standing.  Then he taught me a routine to strengthen my arches.  I am so glad that I learned that lesson back then…  Not to accept ailments as my ultimate condition.  I do my best to focus on healing.

When I workout and dance I do notice the tightness in my hip, but I do my best to move in ways that stretch and lengthen my body and I make sure that I spend time stretching.  I was a little disappointed that I did not squeeze in time to workout before my massage.  Today is usually my Mixxedfit day and I had a workout planned, but I read a couple of articles and forums that said that it is a good idea to rest and not workout until 24 hours after a massage.

This was surprisingly challenging for me.  I have been on SUCH a roll with my workouts and I don’t want to start slacking now.  I was a little concerned because the last time I have lifted weights was on Friday night.  On Saturday I did the Zumba AND Mixxedfit so I decided to rest on the Resistance and on Sunday I chose brunch and a nature walk with my sister.  I am a little worried that resting today might be too much, but I am not going to over think all of this.  I think my biggest concern is that I know myself and I know that I get prone to slacking and taking on the whole “I’ll start NEXT week” approach which is really just procrastination.  I don’t want to reverse all my hard work and effort because I love the results that I am starting to see.

The beautiful thing about all of this is that I am in control and I have the power to continue.  I just need to continue to make healthy choices and not slip into my old bad habits.  

I can’t believe how hard it is for me to relax.  I think that I stress and worry too much sometimes.  I really made an effort to make today a self-care day.

Today’s Self-Care Steps:

  1. I made the choice to take today off from working out so that I could get the full benefit of my massage.
  2. I relaxed during my massage.
  3. I brewed a cup of chamomile tea.
  4. I took a hot bath with epsom salt and some lavender essential oil.
  5. I used my new and wonderful Lavender Sugar Scrub.
  6. I painted my nails and toenails.

Painting my own nails also gives me the added benefit of saving money.  Plus I am getting better at it.  I am finally learning how to brush within the lines!


Another nice thing that happened today was during 6th period, one of the freshman girls came up to me and asked me to play basketball with her (a little background on me…  There is a reason why I was a swimmer!!!  I NEVER played team sports or any of the sports that require a ball.  I barely feel comfortable picking the basketballs, tennis-balls, volleyballs –you name it– up to put them away.)  When she asked me I really didn’t feel comfortable because I was worried about looking ridiculous, but how could I say no.  We took turns shooting hoops and she was super sweet.  Plus it made the time pass a lot quicker.  I am so glad that she asked.

How was your monday?  What are your favorite things to do for self-care?

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams!  I really am trying to get to bed at a decent time.

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana xoxoxo


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