Workout and Word of the Day #22


22 seems like a magical number to me…  I made it to the double digits twice!…  Or something like that :).  Work is going really well and I am really loving my job!  I would like to start getting an earlier start so that I can start making smoothies for breakfast again.  I have let my nutrition slip a little these past two weeks.  I got a chai latte and an M&M cookie during my break.  I love that my work day begins with 2 swim classes.  We have a diverse variety of levels with some very new swimmers and more girls which is exciting since last semester we only had 2 girls.  I hope that everyone sticks with swimming.  I can’t wait to see all the progress that everyone makes over the course of these 90 days.  Their goal is to swim 500 yards in 10 minutes.  With effort, attention to technique, and consistency, I believe that they will be able to sail through this goal.  I can’t wait to help!

I did not take a nap today which was encouraging, but I was still tired.  I am still getting to bed later than I should.  It is all a work in progress, right?  

I was feeling a little discouraged by the rain and didn’t feel like going to the gym, but I left earlier than usual and made it to 


I absolutely love our instructors Erin and Maggie.  They are so upbeat and full of energy, it is contagiously inspiring!  Class takes place in a gym setting and they encourage us to be LOUD which is such a wonderful outlet.  I love how our voices echo through the building.  Maggie said that one of the other girls said that today has been a crummy day for her and she was having a bad day too, but she congratulated ALL of us for coming in and making it to Mixxedfit!  I love that message.  She has such a great point!  Even when we have bad days we can still make it a point to make healthy choices!

Here is another Mixxedfit routine to follow along with lead by the Gorgeous Lori Chung! Remember to keep your core nice and tight! ENJOY!!!

I felt a little tired and out of it during Mixxedfit today.  I think it must be a combination of stress and the lack of veggies in my diet.  So tomorrow I will add in the smoothies once again.  See?  That’s an easy solution!  During the class I was totally talking myself out of doing strength training.  That seems to be a bit of an ongoing battle with me lately.

Last week I was thrilled because I am starting to feel results.  I feel stronger and more confident as a whole.  I think that dancing and working out has helped me feel more confident and comfortable in my skin.  That makes it all worth-it because it transfers to Every area in my life!

In the past, I believe it was at this point that I have started to slack.  My mind says that I’ve been doing a great job so I deserve a break then I start the whole “I’ll start again on Monday” syndrome.  Since I am focusing on transforming, I want to change this!  I do believe in rest and recovery, but I want to make sure that I stay consistent and don’t give up when things get challenging.

Here’s Today’s Workout of the Day!!!: Back, Legs, and Biceps

Complete 3 sets of 15!

  • Lat Pull Downs
  • Dumbell Deadlifts
  • Close Grip Seated Rows
  • Static Lunges
  • Back Extensions on the Yoga ball
  • Wall-Sit 1 Minute!
  • Alternating Bicep Curls
  • 40 Jumping Jacks
  • Bicycles
  • Controlled Bicep Curls
  • 40 Jumping Jacks
  • Russian Twists with the medicine ball

I am overjoyed because working out is starting to become a joy for me.  I enjoy it because I feel powerful and strong.  

Today’s Word of the Day is:

alpenglow- noun

  1. a reddish glow often seen on the summits of mountains just before sunrise or just after sunset.

I like this word it sounds so picturesque and beautiful.  I want to go on a hike soon!

This week has definitely had its challenges.  I only got one day with my man over the weekend.  I missed Mixxedfit on Monday due to my massage/self-care day, but I had that horrendously dreadful headache all day on Tuesday.  And yesterday and today I have been super emotional.  I am proud of myself because I did not allow these challenges to cloud my visions and goals for long.  I stayed strong and made it a point to get back on track.

Despite these challenges (I guess you could call it life) lots of wonderful things have been happening too!  I am enjoying work and I have been sticking with my workouts even though it has been pretty challenging on some days.  I have been super emotional lately, but I think it is just another layer of my healing.  I will just continue to go with the flow and try to learn the lessons along the way.

I want to try to get to bed even just a couple of minutes earlier than I have been so that I can wake up a little earlier because I am going to make a smoothie for breakfast.  Yeah, that was a run-on sentence for sure, but I had a lot of good things packed in.

How is your week going?  What keeps you motivated when you find yourself struggling to stick with your workouts?  I would love to hear all about your inspirations!

Love and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo



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