Saturday Thoughts + Workout and Word of the Day #25

I am sharing this song because it is stuck in my head and the video is pretty cute!  I remember being a teenage girl wondering “Where do the good boys go to hideaway?!?!”  Mine came and found me 🙂

Before I ever discovered Mixxedfit or put any effort into Strength Training there was ZUMBA!!! Zumba will ALWAYS have such a special place in my heart. I remember when my mom brought me to my first class back in 2010. I was self-conscious from being overweight and I used to be convinced that I had two left feet, but Zumba made me feel vibrant and alive and more like a dancer than ever before!

I woke up this morning and knew that I wanted to make it to 8 am ZUMBA!!! It was a 90 Minute class!  I had such a wonderful time and it was even better than last week because we had more people and that adds so much joy and energy to the room. I also love our Saturday morning instructor, Jackie! She is so enthusiastic and easy to follow!!!  I had such a grand time!  Jackie said that on Saturday mornings the Zumba people like to go rollerskating and she asked me if I like rollerskating.  I think that is SUPER cute that they have their own little community even off the dancefloor.  Maybe one of these days I will go rollerskating!

Last night I made these lofty plans…  I was going to go to 8 am Zumba then I had planned a strength training workout to do either between or after 10:30 am Mixxedfit.  After Zumba I had every intention of returning for Mixxedfit.  In fact I did.  I got a smoothie then I sat in the parking lot for over 25 minutes waiting to head in, but I felt so tired so I decided to listen to my body and skip Mixxedfit for today.  A bunch of people at work have been sick, plus I am around highschoolers all day so I think taking it kind of easy is okay.  I have to make it through June so I might as well pace myself, right?

I do have to say that I love my new workout shoes!!!  One thing that I have noticed with dance classes is that good supportive shoes are essential!  Almost every class I notice some discomfort with my feet whether it is sore feet or sometimes my toes get a little numb.  I have been on the lookout for another good dancing shoe.  I used to just wear my running shoes everywhere because they were so comfortable, but then I learned that that made them wear out super fast and good running shoes are Not cheap.  Also, running shoes do not work very well for dancing because they usually have a waffle-like pattern that makes lateral motion tricky.  Last week the mall totally let me down.  I checked Macy’s, Champs, JCPenney’s, Designer Shoe Wearhouse, and Famous Footwear, but they did not have anything close to what I am looking for.

I stopped by Sports Authority after work one day and tried on a pair of Nike Lunarglide shoes that were absolutely heavenly, but cost a hefty $125.  I was super close to buying them especially since I have a gift card that I can apply, but I asked one of they sales associates if she could recommend a shoe and she suggested the Nike Metcons.  They just happened to have a pair from last season that was marked down to $90.  She said that it is a good cross-fit shoe and operates great with lateral motion.

My new shoes!  Easy to spot.

I tried them on and was impressed with how comfortable they were, but was a little skeptical about the color and the fact that the ankle does not come up very high.  I decided to buy them and give them a try!  I have worn my new shoes the past three workouts and they are Great!  I haven’t noticed any of the foot pain that I usually do and I can move swiftly so I think I made a good choice!  If you are looking for a good dance or Cross-fit shoe check out Nike Metcon 2.

After my workout and instead of doing Mixxedfit I decided to head downtown to get a Vietnamese sandwich.  According to Yelp they were supposed to open at 11 am so I parked and walked there, but it looks like they changed their hours to open at noon.  So I tried to stick around and kill time.  I went for a walk then went in to a Blue Goodwill Boutique which has more designer 2nd hand wear.  Sometimes they have cute stuff, but they are a little bit on the pricey side.  I found some cute clothes and when I tried them on I was surprised that most of them were too big!  Maybe my workouts are paying off afterall!!!  I was surprised by the selections that I ended up choosing.  I found a coral colored sleeveless shirt from Banana Republic and a cute white and navy blue Tie-Dye skirt by I.N.C.  I also found a really cute shell necklace that I was excited about, but just a minute ago when I took it out of the bag; it was broken :(.  It looks like  they used some cheap plastic wire to make it.  I called the store to find out if I could exchange it and they said to bring it in, but then I remembered that I like to make jewelry and I can use it to make something beautiful and customized!

The treasures that I found!

I am noticing a coral color scheme on today’s post!  Do you see it?  My new shirt and New shoes!!! On my way back to the car I ordered a tea latte called “Banshee” from a punk-rock- themed coffee shop called Burial Grounds.  This creation has Assam (black tea), raspberry, irish cream, and I ordered it with hemp milk.  I like it.  It is not overpoweringly sweet and has a nice blend of flavors.  Also, I don’t feel like I am going to fall asleep anymore.   I tried calling the Vietnamese deli, but nobody answered so I gave up and ordered a meatball sandwich from Casa Mia and headed home.

I ate lunch and watched an episode of “Parenthood” on Netflix.  Have you seen that shoe before?  It is a perfect combination of comedy, family, and romance rolled into one.  Check it out if your looking for a lighthearted series.

After I write this post, I am going to turn on some music and clean the house.  It is definitely overdue.  I also need to start decluttering and thinking about moving my stuff to the middle room.  I am going to miss our Master Bedroom Suite (especially the bathroom), but I know it will be in good hands and we will be back someday.  Until then I will use this mini move as a chance to declutter, purge, organize and hit the re-set button!  I will keep you posted!

Today’s Word of the Day is:


  1. place or source of origin: The provenance of the ancient manuscript has never been determined.

How did you start your weekend?  Did you go for a run or take a Zumba class?  Or maybe you decided to sleep in (one of my favorites).  Are you sticking around or going for a trip?  I would love to hear all about your adventures!  Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, Enjoy it and remember to Be JOYFUL!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo


8 thoughts on “Saturday Thoughts + Workout and Word of the Day #25

  1. I love those shoes!! What a great find!! And the treasures you picked up today too! Coral is a great color, especially for spring and summer! It just screams happy! So glad you had a great day!! Good job skipping the 2nd workout when you were tired!! Definitely listen to your body!! 😀

      1. I always feel that way about weekends… Like I haven’t gotten close to checking off my to-do list, but quality time with your hubby is just as important. We can’t get back time! I hope you’ll have a wonderful Sunday!

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