I feel…

I feel…  Tired and lethargic even though I slept in today.

I feel… Overwhelmed because I have a large to-do list and feel too tired to begin.

I feel… Sad because our time together was cut short this weekend.

I feel… Understanding because I know that he has a lot on his plate and had to get back to work.

I feel…  Guilty for skipping zumba and for not being further along with my school work.

I feel…  Like I am seriously craving chocolate today.

I feel…  Unorganized because I haven’t even started packing for my move.

I feel… Glad because I thankfully have 2 more days left in this weekend.

I feel…  Determined not to let these days off go to waste.

I feel…  Like eating Indian food with some fresh Naan.

I feel… Topsy-turvy because somehow my black cat Oscar turned my book upside down.


I feel…  So loved by my two kitty cats.

I feel… So Emotional.

I feel… Relieved that I started my period today so that helps to explain my emotions and lack of energy.

I feel…  Thankful for my health.

I feel…  Excited to watch our plants grow.

I feel… Happy to know that our distance is only temporary.

I feel… Hopeful for the future.

I feel…  Inspired to take things step-by-step.

I feel…  Inclined to be more gentle with myself and stop putting so much pressure on myself.

I feel…  Like it is time for me to order some Indian food with Naan and I will also pick up a Sambozan smoothie too please!!!

I feel…  Extra-thankful about the fact that feelings are temporary and that this too shall pass…

I feel…  Too BLESSED to be stressed!!!


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