I’ve Got Work To Do!

2015 and 2016 are clearly years of transition for me.  Thankfully I am transitioning into a better life and becoming who I want to be!  

2010 -2011 were years of healing and recovery for me.  I was reunited with my family and had lots of healing to do.

I still miss how healthy I was back when I was vegan.  My skin had a glow…  Maybe someday I will try again…  For now I have given up meat!  It’s a start, right?

2012 was a whirlwind year…  I got to date my best friend and I was learning how to feel after being numb for years…  It was my way of coping and surviving.  I was very up and down through out this year.  I was so happy and in love, but then I broke us up and I was devastated and heartbroken.  A little lost and by the end of the year I fell into a deep depression.

Mele Kalikimaka
Christmas of 2012 with my mom and sister.  This was a challenging time for me.

2013 this was the year that it All fell apart…  The ground was pulled from beneath me once more, but it gave me an opportunity to start over and reinvent myself and my life.

IMG_2576 (1)
I am not proud of this picture, but I refer to it because it shows how heavy I got.  I am encouraged by the progress I have made since then!

2014 I don’t know if it was better or worse than 2013…  I think it was better, but I fell hard first and felt like I lost it all when my car broke down.  I applied for 30 jobs and took the bus.  It was not easy, but I made it through.  I had to move 4 times in the year, but each time was better.  I also decided that it was the last time I would allow myself to be in a controlling and possessive relationship.  Towards the fall of that year I was able to put my life together piece-by-piece.  I got a car, accepted the head coach position to a local swim team, and got a full-time job!  I also met Christopher around that time.  It was an exciting time.

2015 started out in a confusing way…  After Christmas Eve, Christopher stopped talking to me.  He said he was unsure about the world and himself and I didn’t think we would ever talk again…  I started to focus more on my health and a personal trainer at my friend Kodi’s gym befriended me and started showing me workouts.  We also met for walks just about every weekend, but he was clear that he only wanted a friendship and nothing more.  I appreciated his honesty.  Around this time, I also found a workout buddy!  My co-worker Brandon and I would meet during my lunch break and right before his shift for a quick 30 minute workout.  This is where I started to learn my way around in the weight room!  I am so grateful for this time!

IMG_4176 (1).JPG
Christopher and I did Acroyoga together the 1st month we started dating.  It was a good trust-building activity for us and it was a first for both of us!

2015 Continued.  Christopher and I were reunited and started seeing each other again.  I decided to protect my heart this time around.  I wasn’t quite sure…  We got closer and closer and I realized that he really cared about me.  He was different from everyone else.  At the end of May we bought our 1st house and in June he graduated from college with his computer science degree!  I am so proud of him! I also got accepted into college!!! In July he started running his own business and it has been flourishing!

2015-2016 Transitions.  I had some health things come up in mid-july to August and Christopher was there for me through it all.  He also got me my little kitten, Alleyjandra.  I decided that it was time for me to move on from my job at the time.  I have this little saying that has stuck with me “when you stop growing, it is time to get going.”  I was feeling stuck and didn’t see much room for growth where I was so I accepted my current full-time job and took the plunge!  I also dove right into school with 12 credits of Discrete Math.  This was challenging for me after being out of school since 2007.

So there I was, new job.  Starting school.  Different landscape in my life.  And much more sedentary since I was studying computers and technology.  Working with highschoolers and feeling so old.  Also worried that I did not have enough to show for my life.  I think I must have been going through a little bit of a “quarter-life-crisis” at this point.  Christopher also got the job up north so we got another place and it was a good opportunity for us to grow in our relationship and trust.  I will admit that now and then I got insecure and worried that he would forget about me since we were apart, but we made it through.

Not our 1st Christmas together, but it was our first Christmas in our 1st house.  Complete with the tree and the gifts!  Ribbons and bows and the kitten!

September through December were rough months for me, but we got through it.  In mid-December I decided to invest in a gym membership.  I needed a healthy place to go and a place to workout.  I also really missed Mixxedfit and Zumba classes.  I had a gym at the college, but it was pretty out of the way and two easy to make excuses to skip out with that distance.  My mom had her hip-replacement and a week later on New Years Eve; my dad was in the emergency room because his kidneys were failing…  I was also experiencing more frequent illnesses and feeling pains in my body.

It was time for me to CHANGE!  The past few years, actually as long as I have had this blog; I was doing “Happiness Projects.”  This year I wanted to do something a little different.  I knew that I had a lot of lifestyle and personal changes to make and that is why I created my “Transform Your Life Project.”  And so far it is worked!  I have stayed motivated and much more aware of my goals.  It has also helped me to be more realistic and honest with myself.

I still have days when I feel stressed and down.  And days when I eat way more pie than I should, but I am making lots of good changes.  This is more than just a phase of a fling.  This is the real deal and I am embracing a healthy lifestyle.   For years I was fighting to survive and NOW I want to learn how to thrive!

The landscape of my life has changed and I need to change some of my old habits to stay updated.  Kind of like the way your phone does updates for its applications :).  Back when I was just working and living from paycheck to paycheck I used to use my spare time to do what I wanted to do.  I could hang out with friends.  Go out on a Friday night.  Dance the night away.  Sleep in.  Be lazy.  I ate what I wanted to because I was focused on doing what I wanted.

Back then I was a young single woman who was working hard and figuring out who she was…  Now I am still a young woman, but my roles have shifted a little.  I have goals.  I am in a committed relationship.  I am a student.  I am working full-time.  I am a kitty-mommy.  And I am a grown woman.  Time for me to embrace the responsibilities that come with all of that. I feel a lot more mature in a lot of ways and I am grateful for all the changes in my life.  I think I have made it through that “quarter-life-crisis” business.  I am okay with the fact that I am not 22 anymore.  I still have a lot to look forward to!

And now I have work to do!  I am ready to start implementing some changes in my life and creating new habits.  Right now I would LOVE to grab a chai latte, sushi, and get my eyebrows waxed, but I am going to brew myself a cup of Jasmine tea and study.  Then later on AFTER I HAVE STUDIED, I can think about that other stuff, but maybe not all of it.   I only suggested sushi because tomorrow I am starting that 7 Day health Challenged.  I am a little stressed about it, but am doing my best not to stress.  By the way, you should do it with me!

7-day-challenge-1Tomorrow it’s time to go back to work and I am feeling stressed about that, but that is all part of being a working woman.  And a job is a blessing.  I am going to try to stop seizing every possible opportunity to stress.  It feels like I have a habit of doing that.  

I’ve got work to do!

Thanks for stopping by, my Dear Darling Friends!  I love you all <3.

Peace, Love, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo

16 thoughts on “I’ve Got Work To Do!

    1. Hello. Welcome to the world of blogging. Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me. I appreciate you stopping by and taking time to read my post your words are so kind and encouraging. I would love to connect also! ❤

  1. I love knowing this bit of history about you! Thank you for sharing!! I’m not quite done with my cookies, so I can’t quite start the challenge yet, ;). Actually I was looking at it, and there is only one on there that I would have a real hard time dealing with besides the pasta… it’s the sweets… which actually gives me something to consider. I need to figure out and correct my sweets situation or it’s going to take me over!! 😦

    1. That is just fine! I hear you on the sweets! I am obsessed. I just finished a scoop or two of Ben & Jerrys. Sweets are even more comforting than coffee. I don’t know what I’m going to do… That’s what’s great about these challenges. You get to choose when you start and when you stop. And if we don’t finish all 7 days; we can always try again! You can afford your sweets because you run them off :). One thing I like about this plan is that we are allowed to have citrus. I just picked up my favorite Cara Cara oranges! Wish me luck! I’m a little nervous about this challenge!

  2. Wow, it sounds like you have really grown and you should be so proud of yourself for working through the challenges. Your story is inspiring! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for reading my story! It is encouraging to look back on the progress I have made through the years. Time keeps going whether we are ready or not so we might as well move in the direction that we want, right? Xoxoxo. Thanks again <3.

  3. I’m getting out of bed to exercise now after reading this! Lol. I never knew so much about you so thanks for sharing and being very open to people online. Good luck and keep up the GREAT work! ♥️

    1. You go girl! I always feel better after a workout :). Thank you. Yes, it has been awhile since I have written such a personal post. I find myself feeling down now and then and something that helps me is to look back and reflect on my past and the progress that I have made since then. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! It means a lot to me <3.

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