This Is A “Rest Test”


Sometimes it feels like it is more challenging to rest and recover than to workout and keep pushing.  I worry that if I take a step back; I won’t come back.

In a sense, my concern may be somewhat justified because in the past a day off has turned into months off.  I don’t want to fall into that pattern because I have been on such a roll with my workouts and consistency.  

I have noticed that throughout these past two weeks I have felt worn-out and somewhat unmotivated physically.  My heart is completely motivated because I like the results I am getting from all the hard work, but my body has been lacking energy.  It has been a time of transition with my move and now the new puppy.  

Christopher and one of my friends has suggested that I take a week off before.  The very thought terrifies me.  I think I am SO worried that if I allow myself to rest that I won’t come back and I will revert back to where I was.  I don’t want to backslide.  I have made it this far.

At that same time, I want to learn how to rest and recover.  Right now, I get so stressed out when I think about taking time off.  And that stress exhausts me.  So this is my “rest test.”  I am going to take this week off…

I am giving myself permission to rest and take a risk.  During this week off I am not allowed to stress about it or worry that I will put on weight or stop making progress.  In fact, if I feel inclined to workout; I will.  Then when I return next Monday, I am going to hold myself accountable and jump right back into my routine.  

So this is going to be a “guilt-free” week off for me, but I am still going to eat clean.  I am also going to use this as an opportunity to do some research.  I am going to learn about puppy training of course in addition to educating myself about exercise and nutrition.  When I come back, I will share what I have learned with you.

Don’t worry, I will still be writing posts on here this week.  Just trying something new.  

I knew it was time for me to mix things up when I was completely exhausted by noon today and wiped out when I got home from work at 2:30.  Things have changed for the better.  I have leveled up from being a “kitty-mommy” with a wake-up time of 6:45 to a “kitty/puppy-mommy” this morning I woke up at 6 am.  So there is a definite adjustment, but I know that this will all be worth-it.  It was also really nice to get an early start and be earlier than usual for work!

I bought Ruby a proper-fitting leash and she doesn’t really like walking with her leash right now, but we will keep working on it!

How was your Monday?  Have you ever taken a week off from workouts?  If so, why?  Were you on vacation?  Or healing an injury?  Or just taking some recovery time?

Rest well tonight, my Dear Darling Friends!  I will see you tomorrow!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana xoxoxo

8 thoughts on “This Is A “Rest Test”

  1. Very very wise choice to take a rest! After each race I run, I take 2 weeks off for recovery. You have to. Or the tiny little muscle fiber tears that you obtain from hard workouts that make you stronger can’t heal. It’s also good mentally. Experts recommend a week of rest every 6 to 8 weeks of hard lifting… and you do lift hard. It also takes at least 3 weeks before you start losing fitness, so you have a week in there to spare. 🙂 Hope that helps encourage you!! I’m actually looking forward to my week off after Lake Sammamish (I’m only taking a week because my next race is already in April)!! 😀 Enjoy that little baby!! Post pictures!!

    1. It is so reassuring to hear that it is good to rest from an athlete like yourself.I am convinced that this was a good idea. Thanks for the encouragement! I will post some pics of Ruby!!!

  2. I agree.recovery can be a challenge but is so important for moving forward and allowing our bodies to rebuild and recharge. I’ve learned to bring more awareness to how my body feels. If I’m sluggish, tired or too sore…I take time off. You made a wise choice 🙂

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