Transform Your Life Project: Week 8


I’m BACK!!!

It feels good to be back after nearly an entire week off from workouts.  And now I can see that this was a much-needed break.

We have a new puppy in the house so the time off gave me a chance to create a new routine.  I get to wake up at 6 am rather than 6:45 and sometimes hours in between depending on how she is feeling.  I am crate training her at night and during the day when everyone is out of the house and she is making great progress!  Even the cats are starting to get used to her (Alleyjandra, much more than Oscar, but maybe someday he will come around.)

Everybody, I would like you to meet RUBY!!!

I absolutely adore her and think that she is a perfect addition to our family!!!  ❤ She is so sweet, playful, smart, and has a good temperament.  

It was another emotional week for me.  I was feeling insecure and down, but I said lots of prayers and made it through.  On another note, work went really well for me.  I am really enjoying our classes this semester.  

I am also doing a lot better with my studies and have made some progress with programming.  I do think that I still need to get a lot better with basic computer skills.  Throughout my past, I have always been so intimidated by tasks that required computer use.  I really am facing my fear of technology in choosing to study computer science.  It is a big learning curve and I still feel behind, but I am not giving up!  

Another highlight of my week was keeping up with the household chores and raising the level of cleanliness in our house.  It feels so much better to live this way.  When the house is clean and organized; it truly feels like home.

I also had a wonderful visit with Christopher this weekend.  I am glad that I was a lot less emotional than I usually am.  The distance is honestly challenging for me because I miss him so much during the week, but I am going to continue to be strong.  The time we have together is quality and I also want to keep using it as an opportunity to work on bettering myself.

It is so hard to believe that tomorrow will be the final day of February 2016!  This month has flown by, but it was definitely a good one.  I am looking forward to see what March will bring.  

I have many changes that will be taking place in the near future!  For Spring quarter I need to take classes on campus so that means that I will have to take evening classes so that I can continue working full-time.  That concerns me a little because I already feel so busy with my current schedule and that is just with doing my studies independently at home.  Evening classes usually run from 6-10 pm which is really late.  I am also worried because I have been on such a roll with my workouts and I usually workout in the evenings.  This means that I will need to start working out in the morning before work.  Where am I going to get the energy to do this?!?!  Getting out of class at 10 already means that my nights are going to be late.  And I also need to make time for all of my homework.

One way or another; I am going  to make this all work!

I don’t know exactly how, but I will.  Sacrifices will need to be made, but it will all be worth-it in the end.  It is clearly time for me to step up my game!  I also want to make sure that I continue working out.  So I am going to continue writing posts here to hold myself accountable.  Wish me luck!!!

Tomorrow will be the 1st day of the “Let’s Move For a Better World campaign!”

Here is a reminder that shows my goals for March:


Meditation and Mindfulness

  • Meditate.

  • Breathe Deeply.

  • Practice Yoga.

  • Sing.

  • Begin Spring Cleaning.


Build My Foundation

  • A Girls  gotta get her beauty sleep!(this applies to you guys too!)
  • Eat Clean.
  • Move Your Body!
  • Plan your track and track your plan (keep a food journal
  • Create a Vision Board
  • Do What you must.
  • Create Healthier Habits.


Focus On Faith

  • Go to church on Sunday.
  • Learn about faith.
  • Count my blessings. 

I hope you all had a wonderful week and I wish you the best for this week ahead!  Let’s make it GREAT!!!

Goodnight my Dear Darling Friends!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana xoxoxo



3 thoughts on “Transform Your Life Project: Week 8

  1. I’ve just come off studying night school 2 days a week, working a 40 hour week, going to the gym and trying to fit in assignments. Don’t burn your candle at both ends. Take time for yourself. You will need it. It was definitely worth it in the end. Make sure you eat right and take vitamins because when I stopped, I crashed and burned. Good luck.

    La Love,
    C. xx

    1. Wow! Great job! You are a true inspiration!!!! Thanks for the advice. I better start taking my vitamins again. It is good to know that it is possible and worth-it!!! I really appreciate it! Xoxoxo.

  2. Ruby is adorable!! I didn’t realize she was so itty bitty!! Glad the rest did you some good and that you’re reenergized now! It’s definitely going to be a challenge to juggle that schedule, but it’s all going to work out regardless!! Have a super great week!! Xoxo

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