I’m Not Drowning, but my cup IS Overflowing!

I’m not drowning, but my cup IS overflowing…  With responsibilities.  Things I should have done.  Things I need to do.  And those things that I need to change.  And all those other things that manage to “pop up” along the way!

I was exhausted, but I woke up on time this morning and made myself a delicious Acai smoothie!  I don’t think it was enough to fill me up because I was pretty hungry by my morning break time so I treated myself to a slice of spinach quiche and a coffee.

In spinning today we did “Power Intervals” and I enjoyed it even more than usual because we it was yoga day and I sweated a little less than usual.

  • Warrior 2 pulses
  • Inch-worm push-ups
  • Side Plank

I am SO thrilled that I can do side-plank!!!  There was a time when I could NOT get my hips off the ground and my Entire body would shake like an earthquake.

It was a good day at work.  After work I was so nervous about getting my Inbody fitness assessment at the gym.  I almost went straight home, but then I reminded myself that this is an opportunity for me to help me reach my fitness goals.  I pulled myself together and went in!  According to this body composition analysis I have my work cut out for me!  I really want to get out of the “obese” category and never return again.  I am a little concerned because I have had a big appetite this week and I can’t tell if it is that I am hungry or if it is just my stress and light depression talking…  I will keep a watchful eye on it.  On the up side, my body is pretty symmetrical.  AND I have a lot of muscle.  Hopefully by the end of this challenge I will have made some progress.  I am honestly a little concerned because my schedule is about to get even more hectic.

After the assessment I hit the treadmill for some cardio!  I walked for 53 minutes and increased the incline every 2 minutes and made it up to level 15!  I was planning on returning for the evening classes but…

I pulled in to a neighborhood full of garbage cans that were knocked over and when I pulled into the driveway it was apparent that our green house tried to take flight and landed upside down.  I moved in closer to investigate and saw all our tables and seedlings overturned.  High winds apparently made an appearance in our neighborhood today.  I felt a mixture  being overwhelmed, embarrassed,  and disappointed.  All my beautiful plants…  My sister thankfully came out and helped me and I was able to rescue a good amount of our plants.  We also got the greenhouse rightside up again then went to lowes to pick up cinder blocks to create a makeshift anchor.  Hopefully our greenhouse will not try to fly away again!

That was a lot of activity in a short span of time and after ALL that I was famished.  I decided not to go back to the gym.  Instead, I ordered us a pizza and I might have eaten more than my share of Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches.  Yeah, I am not exactly proud of it.  In fact I really wanted a beer to accompany my pizza (and lately I seldom ever crave beer), but at least I decided against that one!  Yeah, my eating habits have not been very good lately.  

I am glad that I am better than I was a week ago.  Last Tuesday when I went into the Doctor’s my blood pressure and pulse was super low and they would not let me leave until it came back up.  I have had a lot of things to adjust to this week and I am not 100% yet, but I am getting better.  I just have to remind myself of the progress I am making along the way.  

After my shower this evening, I did in fact go into our back yard with my fluffy robe over my nightgown, towel over my head, and silver cheetah rain boots to take my puppy out.  Yeah, it has just been “one of those days.”  Not a bad one, but slightly mind-boggling.

I have a feeling that I am not going to wake up at 4:30 to work out tomorrow and I am okay with that.  I could probably use the rest.  I am worried that I have gotten off track with my weightlifting, but I am not giving up.

On the upside, my puppy Ruby, knows how to rollover now!!!

I hope you are all doing well!

Love and Blessings Always,

Alana xoxoxo 


5 thoughts on “I’m Not Drowning, but my cup IS Overflowing!

  1. Awesome for Ruby rolling over now! And fabulous on the side-plank! What a freaking accomplishment! As well, kudos for doing something uncomfortable such as that body assessment… I’m thinking that’s not something I’d want to do right now, lol! Yes, get your rest… you’re doing great!

      1. I am, but I’m nervous too. It’s this Saturday, in 2 days, and, well, you know what the weather is going to be like! But I’ll survive, lol!! I ain’t sugar so I won’t melt, haha!

      2. Yes, we have been getting an abundance of rain! I am so excited for you! It can be a drag to run in the rain, but it can also be refreshing too. I like to think of the rain as being cleansing and revitalizing. Make sure you bundle up! I will be thinking of you! Best of luck!!! Xoxoxo.

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