What Would Happen If…

I know what it feels like to be beaten down and torn apart.  Feeling like I’m not very smart.

Accepting the failures as they come disappointments until I feel numb.

Living pay check-to-pay check day after day hoping that it’s enough for the bills I must pay.

Grateful to be alive, but struggling so much just to survive.

The worst part of all is the self-sabotage, accumulating clutter to put in the garage.

Not the garage in my house, but the garage of my life.  Carrying all that pain and strife…  It’s heavy, exhausting stressful and such.  More than enough and really TOO much.

At this point, I have been my own worst enemy it’s all in my head.  My stresses and fears keep me awake in my bed.

What would happen if…

Instead of doubting myself and believing that everything is Impossible;

I took a great big breath and decided that I AM POSSIBLE?!?!

This vicious cycle of self doubt and sabotaging thought has got to stop so I can pull myself together and climb to the top.

I have been too afraid to dream because I am so afraid to fail.

Success is a choice, a decision, a commitment to make.  There may be risks, but those are risks that I am willing to take!

I know what it is like to struggle and fail now I want to learn how to succeed and sail.


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