Stop Putting It Off!

There are dishes to be done.

Floors to sweep and mop.

Laundry to be folded.

And laundry to be washed.

Clutter to be released.

And knowledge to be studied.

That’s what you need to do if you hope to succeed in college.

No time to workout because so much needs to be done.

Procrastination adds more hassle and takes away life’s fun.

9 thoughts on “Stop Putting It Off!

      1. Oh, I couldn’t have hoped for any better weather!!! It was so gorgeous today!! So yes, over and done, now for pizza, sleep, then hap-hap-happy hour! Woo hoo! Thank you so much for your encouragement Alana!! Hope you have a great weekend!! Xoxoxo

      2. CONGRATULATIONS Paula!!!! You are truly an inspiration. All your hard work and dedication paid off today. Enjoy the pizza and the happy hour!!!! You deserve it Xoxoxo.

  1. wait are you saying there’s no time to workout because there’s so much work to do in college? or are you saying there’s no time to exercise if you procrastinate the work that needs to be done?

    1. Good observation. It could be a little bit of both. I think what I was getting at was that procrastinating and making excuses wastes my time and energy and keeps me from doing what I want to do. I want to workout and take fun classes, but if I procrastinate and let the chores pile up; I will have to do that rather than what I want to do.

      1. ok that makes a lot more sense and I can relate to that, thanks for explaining it to me!:)

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