How To Heal…

What is the best way to heal?

In the midst of a crisis you are in survival mode and you do everything that you can just to get through it all.

Some days it consumes your soul and makes it challenging to get through the day…  Other days, you shove it into the back of your brain and heart.  Push forward to get a fresh start.

You funnel all your emotions and energy into something.  A project.  A relationship.  Work. School.  Other people’s problems.  And it helps…  Your mind and heart gets a little break and you can help others along the way.

At its BEST, that energy can manifest itself in “self-improvement.”  You feel more alive than ever before.  You have been given another chance.  And you want to become as strong, fit, intelligent, and beautiful as you possibly can.  You throw yourself into creative outlets and endeavors and it makes your life more beautiful and colorful.  I think that is my favorite effect of healing.

The downside to healing is the grief that you feel…  The cause of your pain and the loss…  Little things serve as reminders that trigger you to tears.  Your heart is full of pain and the fears of past years.  You sit down to take a rest then suddenly you’re stuck.

Somewhat frustrating because you thought that you got past this part.  Yes, you went through hard times, but the time had healed your heart.  Why are all these feelings flooding your mind and making it hard to move?  When you’re stuck and too drained to move it makes it hard to improve.

So what is the best way to heal?  I often hear that it is okay to cry and that you should talk about your pain with people that you trust.  That can be helpful, but sometimes it’s hard because you don’t want to put your problems onto someone else and people don’t always understand what you have gone through.  They sit and hear you, but sometimes it feels like they judge you for being you.

The best advice I can give is to take the time you need to heal. Pray, reflect, write things down.  Know that you are never alone.  Seek inspiration because it is everywhere.  It might be words of wisdom that you share with a family member, friend, co-worker, or stranger.  A story you read in a book.  An inspirational quote that found it’s way to you.  Be open to the blessings in your everyday life and try to recognize them as they come.

Don’t expect the healing to happen overnight.  It is a process.  Some days you will be up and some days you will be down.  Know that you are strong and you have what it takes to heal.

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