Breakfast of a Bad-Girl

Need I say more?!?!?!

I don’t think a Saturday morning could be more perfect than today!

Ruby and I went on our walk and I came back craving something sweet and something salty.  I really wanted something heavy like pancakes and bacon, but I went to the grocery and picked up these sweet treats.  A chocolate-dipped old fashioned and a sprinkle-covered cake doughnut.  Then I stopped at the coffee shop for an Americano with Irish Cream.  All that was missing was the salty so I sliced a piece of swiss and put it on a whole wheat cracker.  I was “good” and rather than eating both whole doughnuts I cut them in half and shared the other halves with my sister.  

I don’t recommend making this a daily occasion, but it definitely satisfied my sweet AND salty craving!!!  

I guess now and then we are all going to be a little bad…  If you’re going to be bad, make sure you make it count and eat something that you will enjoy and won’t mind working off in the gym, swimming at the pool, or walking it off with your puppy :).

I put in a load of laundry and finally decided to take the chipped paint off of my nails!  Here is the finished product!

Okay, so it may not be the professional grade “gel mani” that doesn’t chip for weeks, but it is kinder on my wallet and actually pretty soothing to do my own nails.  I will be the 1st to admit that a year ago, I didn’t think I could “survive” without my monthly (sometimes twice a month) mani-pedi ritual.  The downside was that it was often $50 a pop, but I thought it was worth-it because it was “self-care.”

I am not trying to hate on going to the nail spa I do think it is great especially when you go with a friend, but I do have to say that doing my own nails is actually pretty fun!  And just think of all the pretty colors I could buy with $50!  ❤

Get This Look!!!:

  • Sally Hansen “Double Duty Base and Top Coat” –I love this stuff!  It serves as a base coat AND a top coat and does a swell job keeping my nails chip free for weeks!
  • Pure ICE “Twinkle”-This color appealed to me because I wanted a unique coral color.  I also liked the little bit of shimmer that shows through.  
  • Nicole by OPI “Fabulous is my Middle Name”-My nails needed a little extra shimmer and sparkle so I added this on top of my twinkle at the base of each nail to make it extra fab!!!
  • Nicole by OPI”Emerald Empowered”-This color is so fun because it is iridescent and goes on so smoothly.

So throw in that load of laundry, flip on your favorite Netflix series and paint away.  

  1. Clip your nails and apply cuticle remover if you like.
  2. Remove old nail polish with nail polish remover.
  3. Rough it up.  I have a 4-way file that removes ridges, buffs, smooths, and shines it creates a nice base on which to paint.
  4. Apply base coat.  I like to start with my toes then do my hands it builds in perfect dry time.
  5. Apply 1st layer followed by 2nd layer of color.  I put a little extra on the tips of the nail since that is where the chips like to start.
  6. Apply sparkles on top of the color if you like.
  7. Finish with top coat!!!

There you go!  Just the right combination of Sass and Class!!!  What are your favorite “self-care” rituals?!?!?!  Comment below to share your ideas.  I would ❤ to hear them!

Love, Joy and Blessings Always,

Alana xoxoxoxo

P.S. I am feeling a tinge of a headache.  It could be that my “bad-girl breakfast” had too many carbs and sugar.  I am going to drink up some lemon water and make a salad for lunch!!!
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