The Freedom of NO Alarm Clock!

There is so much freedom in waking up without an alarm clock!  I do have my kitty Alleyjandra who meows at my door right at 5:30 (like clock-work) then at 6 my puppy Ruby is ready to go outside…  The only one who is content to sprawl out by the fire, unbothered, is our black-kitty cat Oscar.  I feed the cats then we all (except Oscar) pile into the bedroom and snuggle up to sleep in.


I am thrilled because Ruby is getting better at potty-training, although there is always room for improvement.  This week we made our walking-debut and walked out in public with the world.  Everyday she is getting better and more confident and she is helping me to grow in confidence too!

This morning I officially decided that nothing beats a cup of Hot Lemon Ginger Cayenne tea.  Make your own from scratch and put hot water over it.  Yes, not even coffee beats that tea.  It helps to wake up my senses and gives me just the kick of energy I need to get going and run with my day!

Ruby and I went for a nice 36 minute walk!  It was so nice to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.  She has also gotten a lot better when runners pass us.  I am thrilled to have this puppy.  I guess Christopher was on to something.  Did I mention that she was a total surprise?  One day he sent me a picture of her and the next day he brought this little puppy home.



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