Transform Your Life Project: Week 10


The landscape of my life has changed…  I need to make a choice.  I can either accept it and commit to making the most of the gifts of the present and challenge myself to create the life that I want.  OR I can fight it and be stressed, miserable, frustrated, and unhappy with my life.  The choice is up to me…  WHAT WILL IT BE?!?!

If I were to be completely honest; I would admit that I have been fighting things a little and wasting energy on questioning why things have happened the way that they have.  

There are my frustrations:

  1. I have been frustrated because a year ago I made almost twice as much money as I do now and if I needed more I could always just pick up more clients.  I played a strong leadership role and I absolutely loved coaching my swim team.  
  2. When I started my new job, I had perfect attendance for the first two months, but in November I got sick and we were going through lots of transitions.  I have been carrying the guilt of missing work more than I ever have due to illness and circumstance.  
  3. Then in January I decided to focus on my health and I think I was doing a damn good job!  I joined a gym and was working out consistently and feeling great!  It was also so encouraging to experience my progress mentally, physically, and emotionally and see all my hard work pay off.  
  4. Again, my priorities had shifted and my studies got pushed lower on my list than they should have been.  
  5. Also, I was so busy taking classes and spending time at the gym that I fell behind with household chores.  I quickly changed that and have been doing a great job maintaining our home.  
  6. Then all of a sudden we got this puppy…  Out of the blue.  All of a sudden there she was tugging at my heartstrings.  I always prided myself for being a “cat person” I loved how independent they are.  Don’t get me wrong, it is super sweet that my boyfriend surprised me with this puppy and I totally adore Ruby.  I just felt unprepared for such a commitment because that is exactly what dog ownership is (especially a puppy) a Commitment.
  7. I was feeling so great about my workouts and my routine also my nutrition was shaping up, but having a new puppy has somewhat turned my life upside down and all around.  She has shifted to the top of my priorities because she depends on me for love, care, and attention.
  8. I have been so nervous about taking classes on campus of Spring Quarter because I have already been super busy with my independent study in addition to full-time work
  9. I figured out an ideal schedule and carefully picked out my classes.  I tried registering as soon as my section opened, but the classes that I wanted were full and closed.  So here I am I managed to get into a Statistics class and I am on a wait-list for another class and am crossing my fingers that I will get in.
  10. I still don’t understand computers and computer science as much as I think I should and I am super stressed about my evaluation with my professor this thursday.  Please keep me in your prayers!
  11. I am bothered with the way that I have been coping.  I have a serious sugar problem, I swear and I haven’t made it to the gym ever since I got Ruby.
  12. I am disappointed that I didn’t really get to participate in the “Let’s Move For a Better World Challenge” like I had planned and use that free gym membership.  Oh well…

And my list of frustrations could go on and on…  

Here Are the Blessings In My Life:

  1. I feel comfortable at home and am settled into my room.  I absolutely love my living space.  It feels like home.
  2. Things are going really well with my relationship.  I have learned how to not stress out over the distance and when I don’t constantly hear from him and  I love him more than ever.
  3. I have been enjoying my job at work and love this semesters students.
  4. Because we have a spinning class; I have a workout automatically factored into my day.  I also have the option to swim between the swim classes.  I might only get a total of a half hour in, but it’s something, right?
  5. Because I am trying to be more thrifty with my money I have started cooking again and enjoying it.  I know that pasta isn’t the best for me, but I am choosing wholewheat.
  6. I have discovered starting my day with “Lemon Ginger Cayenne” tea.
  7. My parents are healing and getting in better health than ever.
  8. I was really missing Christopher and our daily walks.  Now that I have a new puppy, Ruby is my new walking buddy!
  9. I have grown in overall confidence.
  10. I have energy again and have been thinking about my goals for the future.
  11. Even though I am stressed about school and don’t feel like I have been doing very well, I am looking forward to taking classes and trying harder than ever this next quarter.  I just have to get through this eval.
  12. I have my health and a life full of blessings.
  13. My sister and I have bonded again!

So I do have many blessings in my life.  I just need to focus on those and move forward.  I am going to try not to overstress about my evaluation this week and just do the best that I can with what I have.

I have been enjoying all the yummy food that I have been indulging in, but I want to start making healthier choices and take better care of myself so that I will have a healthier and brighter future.  I don’t want to fall apart when I’m old.  And the whole concept of aging is already so scary to me.  

Yesterday I found my 1st white hair!  It was a scary and defining moment.  30 is right around the corner and I want to have my shit together by then and hopefully before then.  Something that I love about our walks is that they give me a chance to really think deeply.  I have become a lot more hopeful and ambitious.  Now I just need to get better with time management and organization.  I will get there.


Meditation and Mindfulness

  • Meditate.
  • Breathe Deeply.
  • Practice Yoga.
  • Sing.
  • Begin Spring Cleaning.

Hmmm, we are halfway through March and I think the only thing that I have really done is the Spring Cleaning.  I will do what I can.

How has March been for you?  Have you noticed some positive changes taking place in this year so far?  Comment below to share them!

Thanks for stopping by, my dear darling friends!  Goodnight and Sweet Dreams!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo

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