A Piece of Disappointment.

I have been studying all day.  Trying to get through the material and make it stick to my brain.  Feeling a mixture of nervousness and boredom because the material is somewhat dry and I hope I can get it all read in time and write that paper.  This is crunch time for sure.

In the middle of the day I was eyeing the last piece of pie.  I thought about eating it right then and there, but I decided that I would save it and reward myself when I finished reading my first book.  It gave me something to look forward to all day.  I read and read until the words and numbers were jumbled in my head.  I looked in the fridge and there it was my slice of pie just waiting to be enjoyed.  I was halfway through my book, but wanted to make sure that I fed the puppy and took her for a walk before it got dark.

We returned after our walk and I got right back to studying.  I went downstairs to look in the fridge, but my piece of pie was nowhere to be found…  Then I turned around and there was the pie box in the trash, I guess my sister found my un-hidden stash.


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