How Will I Ever Succeed If I Don’t Believe In Me?

It is finals week and I have been studying harder than I ever have… And it feels good. You may see this post more than once. It is my reminder to keep going and keep learning ❤

Living Out Loud

Why the heck would I continue studying computers if I don’t understand it and I feel lost ALL THE TIME?!?!

  1. I need to acquire some practical skills that will help me to make a living.
  2. Our world is moving in the direction of computers and technology.
  3. I want to stay up to date and relevant in this current day and age.
  4. I want to improve my problem-solving skills.
  5. I need to overcome my fear of computers and technology.
  6. I don’t want to waste my time in school.
  7. I want to choose a career path and stick with it.
  8. I want to study and work in a field that has many opportunities and room for growth.
  9. My boyfriend studied computers and is thriving with his career and business.  He got me started on this path.

Those are my personal reasons for studying computers and if I were to be completely honest…

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