Took A Few Steps Back, but It’s Time to SPRING FORWARD


I ended 2015 on a low note.  I was stressed, depressed, and feeling down on myself.  So I shopped around and got a gym membership.  By the time January came around; I was starting out strongly!  I was working  out regularly and was so excited about creating my “Transform Your Life Project.”

I was head over heels for the Mixxedfit classes and the Zumba class and wouldn’t let a day pass without dancing.  Little by little I started adding resistance training (which used to be a fear of mine.)  I was also on a roll with my “Workout and Word of the Day” and as a lot of you saw, I made it past 30!

I logged my food daily on My Fitness Pal and that helped me stay on track with my nutrition. My number on the scale fluctuated and didn’t drop as much as I liked, but I liked the way my clothes fit!

In the meantime, I was hit by lots of stresses.  My boyfriend started a new job.  We got new roommates and I moved rooms.  And I was feeling stressed and behind with school.  Luckily my workouts were my main priority and helped to keep me grounded.

I think I did a little too much when I started doing 8 am Zumba on Saturday and later came back for 10:30 Mixxedfit in addition to my strength training workouts.  I started to get tired and the workouts became a chore rather than a joy.  Then I got hit by 2 weeks of solid headaches.  That slowed things down a bit…

A friend of mine suggested taking a week off every month to recover.  I was afraid to do it because I was worried that I wouldn’t return.  And this time around I let my fears win.  I haven’t fully returned since my week off.

I have a couple of excuses.  At the beginning of my week off; Christopher surprised me with our new puppy.  She has kept me really busy.  Her schedule combined with my full-time job, and school has kept me out of the gym.

I have added a couple of unnecessary additions to my life in this past month.  Because my time is so crunched I have been using the convenience of canned soups and making pasta.  Pasta for dinner which also serves as tomorrow’s lunch.  It has been working because it is inexpensive and pretty filling, but I know that it is not the best choice for my waistline.  I have also been eating cheese and crackers, girl scout cookies,  ice cream, and not enough veggies.

Yes, I let myself slip a little this month, but I am glad that I have caught myself before it got out of hand.

It is time for me to make some changes and I think that today is a good time to start!  The BEST progress that I Ever made in my weightloss journey was this past summer in August.  One thing that my boyfriend was great at was making sure that I didn’t eat junk food so we would never buy it.  We also drank green smoothies everyday.  I started running and at one point he motivated me to do 500 sit-ups. So for 2 weeks I was doing 500 sit-ups a day.  I still don’t know how I did that!  I can’t even do that now, but it helped slim my waistline.

Another thing was that Christopher and I went on daily walks that I absolutely loved.  I miss our walks now that he has to work all the time.  This week it occurred to me that he has provided me with a new walking buddy!  Our puppy Ruby!!!  So it may not be Romantic walks with Christopher, but I know that he is with us in spirit and Ruby loves going on walks so it helps both of us.  

I am also proud of the fact that I am planning ahead!  I spent at least a month stressing about the fact that I need to take classes on campus for Spring quarter.  For that to work schedule-wise, I will have to take evening classes so it will make my schedule more complicated than ever before.  Yes, I spent too much time stressing about it all, but in the midst of all my stress; I finally managed to make peace with it all.

I am looking forward to going to school an d figuring out a way to make it all work!  My new schedule will consist of lots of walks with Ruby and I think that’s a great thing.  I am also ready to eat better so that I can feel better.


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