Transform Your Life Project: Weeks 12 & 13


I am surprised about the fact that I had to combine my “Transform Your Life” posts.  I was almost positive that I created a week 12 post, but in all the craziness of the past week, it is possible that I let that one slip through the cracks.  Oh well, I will just keep going!
My academic life has been experiencing an interesting turn of events in these past two weeks…  I have been struggling to get into classes for the spring quarter.  I feel like I have done everything to the best of my ability.  I was ready to register right on time, but the classes I was counting on filled up right away.  When I found out that I did not get into my classes, I immediately met with an academic adviser and we devised a plan.  I was at the top of a wait list in one class and my adviser was sure I would get into that class so I ordered my books and got to studying right away.  I showed up early to class and fully prepared.  Somehow that plan fell through when a professor would not let me into his class even though according to his own policy; I should have gotten in.  I have talked with my academic adviser two more times and last week I was just about ready to settle for my 4 credit statistic class and just try for more credits next quarter.  Since then I have found out that I need at least 6 credits (half-time) to qualify for my financial aid.  So my search begins once again…  I might be at a disadvantage now that it is week two and most classes are probably full, but I am not going to give up!

“I have decided that rather than seeing things as a struggle; I am going to view my life as an adventure.  I may not know what will happen next, but I am going to enjoy the ride and have faith in the process.  I am hopeful that I will ultimately end up where I am supposed to be.”

I am surprisingly excited about my “Statistics” class.  And I happened to be selected to give a presentation this week already.  Some of the students do not have to give their presentations until week 6.  How did I get so lucky?!?!  Right now I am wishing that I had made more progress over the weekend, but I am not going to dwell on it.  I have until Thursday to get a lot of studying in.  And  I happen to be on spring break so that is perfect timing.

This morning I spoke with my academic adviser again and have shifted my focus to getting 6 credits.  At the very least, I want to be able to pay for my school tuition.  There are two 2 credit classes that appear to have openings.  “Tuesday Night Choir” and “Wednesday night Musicianship.”  I had emailed the choir teacher asking if she had room in her class and sent it before I realized that she is also the musicianship teacher.  

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  I am crossing my fingers and hoping that she will let me into one or both of her classes.  I can’t remember the last time I sang, but in another lifetime I was a musician…  I started out with piano which I loved then picked up the violin in the 4th grade.  In the 5th grade I joined the local youth symphony and went from last chair (the outcast spot where even the kids who knew you wanted nothing to do with you because you were last chair.) Then we had our 1st round of chair-testing and all of a sudden everyone knew my name.  I could barely get out of my mom’s car when a group of students came up to me to congratulate me.  I had gotten 1st chair and was the “Concertmaster.”  It is funny how where you sit can make such a tremendous difference in the way that people treat you.


Did I mention that I used to sing?   Singing was always my 1st love.  I took voice lessons, then went on to sing more.  Maybe someday I will share more of my singing story.  It makes me sad to think back on it…  So maybe I will return to singing after all?…  If the teacher will let me into her class. I guess that time will tell.

This whole class registration fiasco has been quite the saga.  I have had lots of educational moments in the past few weeks.  I know that these challenges are making me a stronger/better person.  I am learning how to be patient yet persistent and it is empowering.  

Wow, and just like that; I just realized that April has begun.  I mean, I subconsciously knew about it especially since I got payed, but I have been so busy with everything else that I haven’t yet enjoyed the full essence of the newness of the month.  


Challenge Yourself

Do what you must and do it with ALL your heart.
Learn a new language and/or expand on what you have learned so far.
Train a little harder.
Wake up a little earlier for an early start.

I think it is perfect timing that Spring break is happening this week!  I keep catching myself stressing that I will not get everything done in time, but I am going to try to stop stressing about that.  Last night was a late night with my boyfriend complete with a few drinks so I slept in late today and have been feeling a little out of sorts.  The news about my need for more credits has been pretty stressful.  

Luckily the latest update is that I was able to get in touch with that teacher via email and she is letting me in to both of her classes.  Now I will be in Choir, Musicianship, and Statistics.  That means that my initial spring break where I do not have any prior commitments until Thursday night statistics is cut short.  I am a little disappointed with this fact because I was looking forward to the break, but it is okay.  I will make the best of it.  And it is nice that my classes are in the evening.

I gave in to my stress today and coped with sushi and gyoza for lunch and too many pieces of pizza for dinner.  I really don’t like that I do that.  One of the tasks on my “to-do list” for Spring break is to clean up my nutrition and start exercising again.  It is not to late for me to start.  I should just begin.  

Tonight I will get to bed early and get an early start tomorrow morning.  I will simply do my very best from day to day.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I know, it’s my fault.  I am the one who has been gone.  How have you been?  Do you have any spring break plans?  How are your workouts going?

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana xoxoxox

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