Transform Your Life Project: Week #14


Hello my friends!  Spring break has come to a close.  April began over a week ago.  And now we are back into the flow of “normal living.”  How was your week?  Did you go anywhere for spring break or try something new?  Maybe worked some extra hours?  That’s always good too.

I believe in my last “Transform Your Life Project” post I discussed my struggles in finding courses that would fit into my full schedule and allow me to keep my financial aid.  Both crucial factors to fulfill.  The good news is that the music professor let me into two of her classes and that has fulfilled my credit requirements!!!

Now I am currently in “Statistics” the “University Choir” and “Musicianship.”  It feels serendipitous to be in music classes especially since it is in a subject matter that was once near and dear to my heart.  Through the years I have thought about trying to get back into singing or something, but never knew where to start.  And now the opportunity has literally dropped into my lap.  Sometimes life is Beautiful like that.

I feel accomplished by the fact that I tied up all my loose ends on the admin side of things.  In addition, I was able to persuade a teacher to let me into their class.  I have not had the best luck with that lately so it was a nice change for me.  The other nice thing is that I did not have to go on and on about myself.  I just mentioned that I played piano for a little while in elementary school.

I was also a nervous wreck last week because I had that Statistics presentation to give on Thursday and since I was in the first group I had NO idea what the standard would be.  My article was pretty brief and I was concerned that it was not enough material / data and that the presentation would not be long enough.  On top of ALL that, I am not comfortable with public speaking.

Thursday came around and I got through it and even got the class to smile a little.  My presentation was the shortest and probably the most humorous.  It was actually fun because I usually present very serious subject matters so this pushed me a little outside of myself and I enjoyed it.  I am so glad that it is over and done with now!

I need to make it a point to fully prepare for this stats class.  The professor calls on me so often and expects me to recall all the examples.  I guess that’s normal and it is good practice for me.  I have spent the past 3 days since class studying harder than I ever have.  I hope that it will be enough.  I also finished all of the problems / homework that I need to turn in for the week.  I feel like I am a slow reader and it takes me a long time to fully understand everything, but I will study for as long as it takes.

I have some catching up to do, but I am NOT daunted by the challenge!

Another good thing that happened this week is that my sister and I have started working out together.  We both want to get back into shape and I think that we do a good job with keeping each other on track.

I have been guilty of doing the whole “self-sabotage” thing a lot lately.   I have been eating junk food and staying up late even though I know that I will not like the results that I will get from these choices.

I have been working through lots of challenges and I feel myself growing.  I feel like my efforts are necessary and will pay off as long as I keep going.  Things will begin to fall into place.

I am ready to clean up my act right here and now.

I have said that so many times and I am sure that I will say it many more times, but I know that I deserve a lot better.  I deserve better than the way that I have been treating myself.  I have used and abused my body with stress, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition and I cannot expect myself to perform well if I continue these patterns of behavior.

Here are my goals for this month!


Challenge Yourself

  • Do what you must and do it with ALL your heart.

  • Learn a new language and/or expand on what you have learned so far.

  • Train a little harder.

  • Wake up a little earlier for an early start.

I love the quote:

“Do More.  Be More.”

It is definitely short and sweet and to me it means that if I want to be more than I am I need to challenge myself and do more.  This means stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I am in the perfect position to do it and the only thing in the way are the obstacles I place myself.

Let’s make this a great week, my friends!  Challenge yourself to do more so that you can become even better than you are!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,


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