New Gym Nervousness


Have you ever experienced that nervousness of joining a new gym?

It is now full-swing spring and with summer right around the corner you know that you have goals in mind.  You want to feel good about the way you feel and look!  Maybe it is to run your first or 5th triathlon.  Or a 10k.  It may be to get ready to wear your bikini.  Or that wedding that is approaching and you want to greet your family and friends with your head held high and a smile of confidence…  Rather than having to give the whole, “Life happened and I have been WAYYY too busy to work out” speech.  

I know that I can relate to all of these goals and MORE.  Somehow anxiety still manages to creep in.  You may experience the nervousness of not knowing anyone.  Or the fear that everyone is watching you and judging your every move.  In my case I will know everyone because I used to work there not long ago…  When I left I was more fit and confident (about 15 pounds lighter) and moving on to bigger, better things.

I still feel great about the “bigger better things” in my life and I do not regret the decision I made to leave, but I do not feel very good about my body.  Luckily I know how I got to where I am now so I can change it.  I will not drag you through a laundry list of all my bad habits, but I will say that I have been overindulging in junk food and not working out consistently.  

I am afraid of seeing people I know and being judged.  I am afraid of going in and not knowing what I am doing.  I kind of enjoyed working out at the Y these past few months because I was unknown and it was a non-threatening/family kind of environment.  This new gym offers and lot and is more of a health club than a gym so with that comes a lot of healthy and beautiful people who have been working out a lot.  The employees are fit and health conscious and I used to be one of them…

I’m scared, but I am going in!  There is a 6:45 Mixxedfit class that I am looking forward to attending.  It will be in the big gym with no mirrors and the lights will be out so that will hopefully feel less threatening.  Heck yes, I am afraid of the likelihood that I will encounter people that I know who remember the fitter and more confident me, but I will smile, say hello, then work hard.  

I am determined to make progress that my future self will thank me for!  

Here goes!  I will let you know how it goes.

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo


3 thoughts on “New Gym Nervousness

  1. This was me when I started a new gym and I went from a small ladies gym to a huge mixed gym that made my old gym look like a peanut in comparison. You just have to remember that everyone there is going to make themselves better and 9 times out of 10 they are too self involved to even notice you. These words I’m telling you are an exact replica of ones spoken to me only a new months ago. Since then, I walk in there now with my head held high and be as confident as I can. Do I care that I am the only person in fluorescent gym gear and probably the most noticeable? Hell NO! The gym owner is now looking out for me each time I go in to make sure I am brightening up the place. If I don’t have enough colour on, he says not good enough. Come back tomorrow brighter. Just smile and be polite and you’ll be fine. Throw in some headphones, crack up the tunes and be a badass! 🙂

    C. xx

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