You Gotta Put In WORK!!!


I caught myself spending the afternoon getting sidetracked previewing the blogs of friends and past acquaintances.  The years fly by…  There have been graduations, engagements, bridal showers, weddings galore, followed by babies, and even some divorces.  It is easy to get tangled into that web of curiosity and try to find out where people are right here and now.  I’m glad that I no longer have Facebook or Instagram because I would probably spend even more time doing this “detective work.”

 I must admit that there was a time a few years ago when I would look somewhat enviously on the graduations, engagements, and wedding days because I wanted that too.  It seems like the successes of others are magnified especially when we are struggling.  Rather than being envious of others we should celebrate and share in their joy.  Great things happen to those who wait (and work their asses off in the meantime, right?!)

I feel blessed because while I do have challenges here and there I am out of the struggling phase.  Now most of my struggles will be to move myself forward.  My boyfriend said it nicely he said, “You have spent so much time helping others and working for others.  Now it is time for you to work on yourself.”

Yes, life keeps going no matter what we are doing and in the meantime…

I have work to do!


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