Romantic Encounter with the Perfect Scenery

It was our very first date and it was clear that we were both nervous and hoping to make a good impression.  Luckily the weather was on our side and it was an absolutely gorgeous blue sky sunny day.  We both agreed to meet at the waterfall park for a walk.  It was a good central location, very picturesque (which means there would be things to talk about), and we both knew that there would be people around, but not an entire crowd.

We hit it off and were enjoying each others company.  Our conversation flowed like water and everything felt perfect.  We decided to find a bench to sit on and enjoy the scenery so we could get a little closer, but not too close (yet).  

The entire setting was perfect.  Blue skies, breathtaking waterfalls, good conversation, and a beautiful girl…  It just couldn’t get better than this!

I was starting to inch up closer and was ready to lean in when all of a sudden two girls walked by with their puppy.  AwKwArD (but not really) I was ready to continue when all of a sudden the puppy stopped dead in her tracks and decided to poop up front, center, and right in front of us.  It seemed like an eternity before the disruptive trio Finally went on their way and with that, the moment was slightly shattered.  

We both grinned and decided to continue walking…  Maybe next time…

Yes, this happened today!  I am sure that most of you have guessed by now that it didn’t happen to me, but I was there.  It was my puppy Ruby who obstructed the beautiful scenery.  I felt a little bad that of ALL the places on the entire trail that she had to choose to stop directly in front of that couple to poop.  At the same time it was pretty hilarious.  When we first set out on our walk that couple was in front of us and we decided to walk the other way to give them some space.  We met them right in the middle of the loop a 2nd time and I guess like they say, “the 3rd times the charm.”  Because that was when Ruby decided to put on her show.

Once we got through it, I could hardly contain myself and I was laughing all the way back to the car.  Thank goodness those waterfalls were loud enough to mask my laughter.  Oh and that was the last time that we encountered that couple.

It’s Ruby Doo!  

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