Uncertainty (can) = Opportunity

Uncertainty (can) = Opportunity (if I choose to look at it that way)

Something that I have observed about myself this week is that I do NOT deal well with uncertainty.

Uncertainty makes me feel anxious, nervous, stressed, thrown off balance, out of control, inadequate…  All sorts of bad feelings.

I like to know what is going to happen, where I am going to live, what to expect.  I think that is normal for everyone, but when things are uncertain, I think it makes me a little more stressed than most.

Lately the uncertainties in my life have made it hard for me to function.  I worry constantly about everything and it makes it hard for me to think straight which makes it hard for me to accomplish anything.  And now with my hectic school schedule, I am feeling the effects of this mindset.

I think that I have always had a tendency to be this way, but now that I have more pressing deadlines it is more apparent to me. I sit there stressed and almost paralyzed with fear and the hours escape me and too much time has been wasted.    This could be a good thing because with my observation comes a realization that I need to change.

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life feeling unsure of myself and uncertain.

I need to work more and worry less.

Stop obsessing over the problems and search for solutions.

Then I will become better at solving my own problems.

Yes, there are lots of circumstances in life that I have no control over, but I want to start taking responsibility for the choices that I can make!

Here goes!

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