I’m Free!!!

Tonight was officially my last Statistics class and last class of Spring Quarter!!!  I am just so thrilled that I made it.  This week was hectic and full of instances where I got to be a “Diamond Under Pressure.”


It all started last Saturday when we found out that our new roommate would be joining us on Sunday.  I moved things quickly and was able to get organized.  We had our final Choir concert Saturday night and I was thrilled by the fact that I didn’t feel nervous about performing.

I was stressed out about this finals’ week because I was supposed to do a performance project with a partner, but my partner ended up ditching on me the afternoon of the performance.  And I was feeling behind and stressed about my Statistics presentation because my group and I were unable to coordinate meeting times.

In the recent past I have observed that these kinds of pressures have caused me to shut down and struggle to function.  I definitely had my moments of wanting to hideaway, but instead I got to work.  Over the weekend my boyfriend gave me some tasks in building a website.  I am so thrilled to have this opportunity so instead of wallowing in my worries I got to work and accomplished a lot.


A big part of me knew that I should be working on either my statistics presentation or homework, but I really wanted to feel competent and like I was accomplishing something important and it really felt good to have that sense of completion.

After I finished my tasks, I got to work on my project and it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Rewinding back to yesterday evening…

It was my performance project.  My teacher suggested that I just play the song that I had practiced to accompany my no show performance partner, but I had my heart set on singing AND playing the piano.  In the last 30 minutes before the performance I created an arrangement of “Smile” that I could play and sing.  It felt wonderful to perform!!!


I will admit that I procrastinated to the bitter end on my statistics homework.  I felt so behind, but I finally pulled it  together in time to complete the homework for this week.  I was feeling regretful that I didn’t try to solve more problems to turn in.

This morning I decided that this would be the last time that I procrastinate.  It is better to be ahead of the game and to just get things done.  Luckily, I found out tonight that our professor is allowing us to turn in homework assignments up until next Thursday so I can get all my credit after all!

Leaving class this evening, was the best feeling ever!  I am going to get busy on my homework.  And I am thrilled that summer is officially here!!

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