The Power of Visualization and Consistency

Spring Quarter classes have officially come to a close and I have completed my year of coursework until school starts again in the fall.  Even though I am not taking formal in-school classes over the summer, I plan on spending as much time as I can learning and preparing for my classes in the fall.

I am going to learn more about how I learn and develop habits that will help me to learn, grow, and thrive.  In my past, I was successful with the arts and performance because that was where my heart was.  It has been very encouraging for me to start singing and performing again.  This comes easier to me than math, science, and computers, but it was not always this way.  I spent years of my life practicing discipline and training to get to that point.

Now I just need to learn how to think more scientifically.  As I go through my journey of learning, I am seeking the inspiration of others.

Here is a video of Rio Anderson.  A ballerina who turned down Harvard to pursue her dreams:

I am inspired by Rio’s courage, consistency, and discipline.  I am going to try and establish a routine of my own.

Here is her performance:

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and thank you for joining me this evening!

Love, Joy, and blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo

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