Daily Prompt: Struggle

Struggle #thestruggleisreal There is so much that I want to do and accomplish.  There are places that I want to go.  I want to feel fit, confident, beautiful, and strong.  I want to understand things at an intelligible level. I sit down to study then I hear tumbling down the stairs and two sets of […]

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Time Heals

“Time Heals” was the answer I got when I told my 1st true love I still loved them after the break up. I was hurting at the time.  Dazed, confused, and missing my best friend. The worst part was that the break up was my decision. I had a constant fear that I was never […]

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Transform Your Life Project: #23

This past week I procrastinated for a couple of days before I finally finished my homework problems for Statistics and now the class is finally finished. I think this quote is absolutely true.  Often times the things we try our hardest to avoid are the very things that will move us forward and help us […]

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