Daily Prompt: Struggle



There is so much that I want to do and accomplish.  There are places that I want to go.  I want to feel fit, confident, beautiful, and strong.  I want to understand things at an intelligible level.

I sit down to study then I hear tumbling down the stairs and two sets of steps sprinting through the house…  I have an idea of what it might be, but I NEED to check it out to know for sure.  That’s what I thought!  My cats are chasing each other through the house.

Okay, back to studying…  Wait, no study session is complete without a cup of tea.  Let me start the hot pot!

I open up the browser to my book, but I need to make sure that I haven’t gotten any pressing emails.

Oh my hot water is ready for the tea now back to those emails….

2.5 hours later…

I feel good and inspired from all those “Ted Talks” I just watched and I got some great ideas off of pinterest!

Damn!  It’s a great thing that I decided to cancel my Facebook and Instagram back in October, I would have wasted even more time.

I don’t think the tea had enough caffeine.  I better take a quick trip to the coffee shop for a shot or two of Java!

Along the way I found about 3 errands to run.

3 hours later…

Time to make lunch.

Now I can finally start studying!

*After 15 minutes of studying*

I better make sure I understand what object-oriented programming means.

I don’t think I fully understand the definition of syntax.

I think it would be more fun to browse around on Air B & B and daydream about all the places that I would like to go…

2 hours later…


Let’s go for a walk.




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