Transform Your Life Project: #23

This past week I procrastinated for a couple of days before I finally finished my homework problems for Statistics and now the class is finally finished.


I think this quote is absolutely true.  Often times the things we try our hardest to avoid are the very things that will move us forward and help us get to the next level.  Something that has helped me get through the past month is looking a day past my deadline and telling myself that “in a few days it will all be over.  I can either feel good about the job I did or bad about it and it is all up to me.”  I never want to procrastinate again.  It is NOT worth-it!

Speaking of avoiding things…  I didn’t make it to the gym this week and I don’t think I really worked out other than taking Ruby for her walks here and there.


It is just another case of not balancing all of my tasks the way I would like to.  I am happy with the fact that I finished my work and I can move on to the next thing.

This past weekend was memorable.  My cousin Emily got married on Thursday.  I could not decide which dress to wear…

I ended up choosing the grey dress on the right because it was the most comfortable and I think it fit me the best out of the three.  It is my good old grey dress that I have had since 2010.  A nice comfortable dress that has fit me well through the times that I have gained and lost weight.  It is always nice to have a dress like that!

It was a beautiful wedding, Emily was a gorgeously dreamy bride, and I was so happy to see my family.  Christopher thought the wedding was on Friday so we did not make proper accommodations for our puppy Ruby and she ended up going to the wedding with us.  It was her 1st wedding and I think she had a good time!


On Friday I performed with the choir at the Evergreen State College graduation you can see us at 2:36.00:


On Saturday afternoon I met with my computer science professor and was assigned a project to work on over the summer.  I also got to meet the author of the “IJava” book, Rober Moll.

If you are interested in learning the Java Programming language, Robert Moll’s book/website is a wonderful resource.  Check it out at the link below:

By Sunday I was pretty tired.  I also think that I was crashing from lack of sugar.  That’s another reason why I just need to break my sugar habit.  I was feeling worn-out and slightly unmotivated…








My summer has officially begun and I want to make the most of my time.

Here are my summer goals:

  1. Eat Clean.
  2. Establish and stick with a workout routine.
  3. Study and complete a Java Programming book.
  4. Study networking.

What are your goals for this summer?  Comment below to share them!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo




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