Daily Prompt: Natural


Being natural is being YOU real and true with no additives or enhancements.

You wake up naturally when there is no alarm clock, cat meows, or anyone else to pull you out of bed.

You make no effort to talk or walk a certain way to impress others because you feel comfortable and confident with yourself the way you are.

No foundation, concealer, or make-up mask to hide the “flaws” or smile-lines.  You let the real you shine through and you decorate your face with your smile and the sparkle in your eyes.

No waist-trainers, corsets, spanks, ultra-high heels, or special panty-hose.  You practice good posture and carry yourself with elegance and grace.

You go soda-free, but how would you be without that morning latte?

Try drinking your coffee black or brewing a cup of tea.

Today you turn your stereo off and you listen to your own thoughts and find a sense of peace and clarity in the quietness of your mind.

There are moments of stress that creep into your day, but you remind yourself to breathe deeply and to stress less.

For one day, you decide to create a workout of your own.  Go for a walk, a run, a swim, do some body-weight workouts without the aid of a pre-workout.

And at the end of your day you drink some chamomile tea and take some time to journal or practice mindfulness meditation.

The day is done and you fall asleep naturally.




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