Workout and Word of the Day #51


I know, it’s been awhile…  I do not have a good excuse other than the fact that I have been busy with school, work, and life transitions.  I have been feeling pretty unmotivated to workout lately.  I think it is mainly due to my lack of energy which can probably be attributed to my lack of working out.

Last night when I woke up to go to the bathroom, my knee was really sore and I could not figure out why.  That was enough motivation for me to take some steps to get moving again.  I have also been discouraged because at the beginning of the year I was working out consistently and feeling stronger.  I felt confident in the gym and was posting these “Workouts and Words of the Day” pretty consistently.  It is time for me to get back on track!

Ruby and I went for a 36 minute walk and it rained most of the way, but it felt nice to get moving.  When we got home, I decided to do a blogilates workout video.  I will try to just do something and get back into an active lifestyle.  I don’t feel ready to start hitting the gym yet, but I will do what I can with at-home workouts and build myself up to it.

Workout of the Day:  Walk with Ruby & Pop Pilates!

This was challenging for me, but do-able.  Give it a try!!!

I enjoyed this booty workout!  It was also great for working on balance!!!

It is in these times that I feel less confident that I am more than grateful for the convenience of at-home workouts.  I know these workouts were not nearly as involved as what I was doing not so long ago, but it is a good start!

Today’s Word of the Day:

demagogue- noun

  1. a person, especially an orator or a political leader, who gains power and popularity by arousing the emotions, passions, and prejudices of people.
  2. (in ancient times) a leader of the people.

Right now my goal is to just do something active everyday.  Even if it is not a long and elaborate workout; I just want to stick with it and make progress.

Have a good night, my Dear Darling Friends!  I will see you tomorrow!!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo


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