I Had a 200-Day Streak! Then broke it…

2 days ago I hit my 200-Day-Streak of logging into My Fitness Pal to track my meals and workouts.  It has been the best tool for food journaling and has helped to hold me accountable and stay on track.  Of course some entries were better and more detailed than others, but it was a huge accomplishment for me to stick with it for 200 days.

My heart sank when I logged in this morning and it said “2-day- streak.”  I was puzzled, confused, and disappointed…  How did this happen?  That’s not right?  I was sure that I logged in and usually when I am about to miss a day of logging in I get a reminder from Myfitnesspal.  I don’t remember getting that reminder.  

I know what happened.  It was Father’s Day and the weekend had been out of the norm.  I barely spent any time on my phone and that was the day when I had the whole caffeine/half long-island iced tea disaster.  It all through me off and I simply forgot.

Yes, I am a little disappointed that I only have a 2-day streak, but not logging in at all definitely will not help me so I might as well keep going, right?  This time around I want to focus on making healthier choices.

I have noticed that these past two days I have been feeling exhausted and lacking energy.  Maybe I am just recovering from how busy I have been the past few months?  It could be a number of things, but I do know that I do NOT want to fall into a low-motivation-slump.

So…  I am committing myself to waking up early, dressing up, and showing up for my life.  I don’t want to become depressed or complacent.  I want to Live Out Loud.  Yes, some days I will be tired, but feelings pass, right?

Missing a couple of days doesn’t mean that you should give up on your dreams.  Take a few steps then keep going!

6 thoughts on “I Had a 200-Day Streak! Then broke it…

  1. I tried tracking apps before, I found it to be a hassle but your 200 day streak got me a bit jealous 😛 I just MIGHT try again. haha

    1. I was the same way. I think I have had the My Fitness Pal app since 2011 so it has been a 4 year struggle to get that streak. It becomes addicting! You should try it again. I also tried hand-written food journals, but they felt like more work :). You can do it!

  2. Congrats on the streak. I can’t do myfitnesspal for more than a few days without hating myself, so I just diet. I am in the third day of my newest one, it still feels weird. BTW, haven’t seen you around in awhile…come, visit, have a read, and post a comment or two!

    1. Hi Jacob! Thanks! I admire the fact that you can stick with a diet for three days. That’s where I struggle. How have you been? Yes, I will stop by. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me. 🙂

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