Daily Prompt: Empty


I think that the word empty often gets a bad stigma.  Similarly to the word “alone.”  I felt so alone and empty…  I used to feel this way very often and I thought it was a bad thing because I was so afraid of being alone.  I would be left alone with myself and have to deal with my own issues.

When things are empty, we often feel an urge to fill them.  Do we really need to fill everything that is empty?  There is something sacred about the empty page and the blank canvas.  The empty ballroom… Full of potential and possibilities.

I think that space is more valuable than we think.  I love mornings because my mind usually feels empty and peaceful.  Ready to be filled with new ideas and thoughts.  There are definite blessings in having a full cup, but once your cup is full you cannot fill it any further.

It is important to empty your cup, your mind, and your space so that you can begin to fill it once again.  If things overflow for too long, they accumulate and can become stagnant.

And if you are stuck with an empty page, write one word and enjoy the beauty of filling that page carefully.  You get to choose what you fill your life with.

One more thing, I think that the empty spaces in between add beauty and dimension to the overall masterpiece.

Remember that every space does not have to be filled.  Sometimes it is a luxury to leave things Empty.



6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Empty

  1. I love your post on empty, it’s speaks a lot of meaning that one needs to really feel it sink into the heart. Like you said sometimes it’s a luxury to leave things empty. You are so right. I’m at that stage of my life now that I just need to leave things empty for a while😘

    1. Thank you for your beautiful comment. I spent so many years wanting more and hoping to have the “latest and the greatest,” but I accumulated piles of stuff. I have been enjoying the process of letting go and leaving things empty. 🙂

      1. Nice decision for you to have made, it’s really very necessary in one’s life. i’m happy to have seen your post.

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