Daily Prompt: VOYAGE

“Let’s go on a VOYAGE!”

Nearly 3 years ago I had 2 roommates: Angela and Cookie (Chris).  Actually Angela had just found out that she was pregnant And that her mother had stage 4  cancer so she was moving to be with her mom and I was taking her spot temporarily.  It was definitely one of those heartwarming and at the same time heartbreaking stories, but Angela was optimistic and making the best of the situation.  I could see where she got her strength because her mother was just as strong, fiery, and optimistic.

Angela and Cookie had been best friends for years and they had 2 cats: Boozy and Chaser.

Boozy was the sassy, fierce, and moody little girl who would only let you pet her if she was in the mood.  Otherwise, she valued her space.

Chaser’s Story:

Cookie said that Chaser adopted them.  One day, this scraggly, little, black fluff ball was in their drive-way under his car meowing LOUDLY.  2 hours later there he was still MEOWING.  They couldn’t find his owner and nobody came and claimed him.  At first, Chaser stayed in the garage, then he quickly captured their hearts with his clever cat-antics.  Before long he was a part of the family.

When I 1st met Chaser, he took off running as fast as he could.  Cookie said that was typical of Chaser because he was quite shy and suspicious of strangers, but really sweet if he let you get to know him.  You could tell that Cookie and Chaser were buddies for life and Chaser and I became fast friends.

AWEsome Roommates:

I enjoyed living in that house.  My room was spacious and gorgeous with my own fireplace and jetted tub and because I was single at the time, I didn’t have to share with anyone.  Cookie and I got along well too.  He was an Arbonne representative and at one point I did an Arbonne cleanse with him and we would make healthy dinners.  Angela was also always there hanging out.  One weekend close to when I first moved in they were kitten sitting so we had a “house of cats.”

We successfully stuck with the Arbonne cleanse and broke the Cleanse with chocolates that one of my swimmers gave me.

IMG_1425 (1).JPG
Those were the best chocolates I have ever had!

I will now jump ahead with this story.  Tell you what ended up happening then reveal the reason why I told this whole story and what in the world does it have to do with VOYAGE?!?!

What about the Baby?!?!

Angela was absolutely gorgeous and glowing throughout her entire pregnancy and her mother came over pretty often to visit.  You could feel the love in that family.  In April, Angela gave birth to a gorgeous little girl named, Ruby and I got the privilege of babysitting her.

IMG_2739 (1).JPG
Baby Ruby ❤

I forgot to mention that right before she gave birth, Angela moved back into her room and I moved downstairs.  That was the spring that my car broke down and I could not longer commute up to my dream coaching job.  It basically felt like the ground had been pulled from beneath me.

I had to take the bus for over 6 months and was struggling hard to make ends meet.  I ended up moving to a place that cost less and was closer to my work…

I later got the update that a few months later Angela’s Mother passed away…  It was absolutely heartbreaking, but Angela said that the timing of everything was meant to be.  Her mother got to spend lots of time carrying and loving her Granddaughter.  <3.

That story always brings tears to my eyes and is a reminder that we should always spend quality time with the people we love the most.  ❤

“What in the World does this have to do with the word VOYAGE?!?!?!”

I had a feeling you would ask that question.  Angela, Cookie, and I would frequently make little trips to get snacks, taco bell/panera runs, and such and they called these little trips: VOYAGES!

On one voyage they even took Chaser in the car with them.  One of the most frequently used phrases in that house was:

“HEY!  Let’s go on a VOYAGE!!!!”

And now you know the significance of the word Voyage!

When was the last time you went on a voyage?  I will leave you with my Favorite picture of Chaser!


Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo


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