Daily Prompt: Deprive

“We are getting older and we cannot get away with eating whatever we want all the time anymore.”

When I think about cutting back on the amount of sugar I eat or even consider giving it up; it makes me feel like I am “deprived.”  In the back of my mind I know that is ridiculous because sugar is not a necessity.  It is not necessary for life.  Even when I get sugar, I eat too much of it.

The thought of watching what I eat just sounds like deprivation.  I think I might have a little bit of an addiction.

I imagine that this is common.  It is not easy to give things up especially when they are a big part of our lives…  Like chocolate, or coffee, ice cream, or facebook.

Difficult, yet possible, and often times, advisable.

There was a time a couple years ago when my social life was important to me because my friends were like my family.  The joy of my day was measured by the amount of txt messages I received and I had facebook on my phone and would check it as much as possible.  I felt “adventurous” every time I posted a status with a picture and a place.  And the “likes” on my fb and insta made my day.  My phone had more selfies than any other kind of pic.

My connection with the world felt deeply tied to social networking.  I would go out with my friends for “girls’ nights” and we called that living life to the fullest.  Then one night I met my Prince Charming and things changed.

I cared less about social networking and the likes and approval of others because I had the respect of someone who meant the world to me.  I spent less time broadcasting my life and more time living my life.  I became way more selective about how I spent my time and who I let into my life.

My dreams were coming true and I was excited about the present and creating a brighter future rather than staying stuck in the past.

Last October I shut down my Facebook and Instagram accounts.  I wanted to spend more time studying and less time being distracted. At first it was challenging and I felt a little deprived and distant from the outside world.  There was a bit of a transition period, but it ended up being the best decision for me.

If you make the choice to change then it is NOT deprivation.

View yourself and your life through a different perspective.  The next time you reach for too much chocolate or are about to over eat; say this to yourself (or out loud):

“I can have it, but I don’t want it.”

Then make better choices and reach for better things.



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