Transform Your Life Project: 25

The week before last week I was super productive and got an early start nearly everyday.  Sadly, this past week felt like the opposite :(.  On Monday and Tuesday I was absolutely drained all day long.  I also felt stranded…  My boyfriend’s car is in the shop and I am letting him take my car to work.  I feel good about that and it really is not a huge deal because I don’t have school or work right now so it works out fine.  But our internet was also spotty.  Those two combined felt more stressful than necessary.

On Wednesday night my Mom agreed to puppy-sit Ruby and I got to stay up North with Christopher.  It was a nice change of pace!  My first day there was spent running errands.  It felt productive and I even got an oil change.  The following day (Friday) I spent the morning trying to decide whether or not I wanted to go to the spa.  I know that sounds like a no-brainer, but I had a small budget that fell below $50 which was not enough to get a massage.  I did however, have enough for a spa pass and entry into the tea room.

I had some time to spare, but I also had to make sure that I was on time to pick up Christopher from work at 3:30.  At noon, I had my mind made up!  I wanted to spend a few hours at the spa to hit the “re-set button” and get back on track with my health. This particular spa was a Korean women-only nude spa.  I had visited it one time before in December.  I had wanted to go to the spa ever since a friend told me about it, but I used to be scared to go by myself.  I had a great experience my first time.  Even though everyone is naked, you hardly even notice.  We all have a cap and robe to wear so it is very modest.  In the pool area everyone leaves their cap on and the robe comes off, but it feels like a safe/judgement free zone.  This time around  I started out in the “Salt far infrared room” it was very calming and peaceful.  Next was the “Oak and charcoal far infrared room” this one was very popular.  I guess the room had detoxing properties.  After that I went into the “Sand Room”  This was probably my favorite room.  It was warm, comforting, and reminded me of the beach.  After that, I entered the hottest room “Mud and Jade far infrared room”  It felt good to relax and sweat out all the toxins.

I made my way to the pool area and covered myself with water from the mugwort pool.  My favorite area in the pool area was probably the dry herbal sauna.  Then I went to the Elvan stone mugwort sauna.  After that I relaxed in the hot tub, showered off then headed to the tea room.  The tea room was very peaceful with delicious tea.  I tried the “Rose Green Tea” which was very aromatic and reminded me of a Jasmine Tea.  I also really enjoyed the “Calming Green Tea” which was an infusion of sencha green, chamomile, and mint.  I spent my time in the tea room relaxing and journaling.  After that, I went through all the infrared rooms again and took one more spin in the pool area.

I did not want my spa day to end.  I think it is one of those places that you can spend all day at.  They even have a Korean restaurant an spa and pedicure room.  It actually worked out that I didn’t get a scrub or massage this time around.  I think that would have cut my visit even shorter.  I ended my spa day in the cold waterfall pool which I didn’t see anyone else enter the entire time I was there.  It was so rejuvenating to take a deep in the chilly water.

I left the spa feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, very zen, and with super soft skin.  I cannot wait to go back.  I think I want to save money so I can go back on my birthday in August.  I think they give you half off of an entry fee.  At least I have something to look forward to.

Even though we left around 3:30 pm (which is earlier than most) we still got stuck in traffic and it took us over 3 hours to get home.  Towards the end of the trip, I got slammed with a headache.  I think it was a combination of not drinking as much water as I should have (I drank a ton, but didn’t drink more because I didn’t want to have to pee  the entire drive home) I only had to pee half the time and that wasn’t very comfortable.  And we didn’t stop for lunch because we were determined to get home.  After dinner, I felt a little better.  Christopher sent me to the store to get wine (or whatever I wanted) because it was Friday night and I had expressed a desire for wine.  I was super excited about it, but then I decided that I did not want to undo the positive effects of my spa day with alcohol.  I opted to get chocolate and tea instead.

That night we watched “Rick and Morty” and feasted on chocolate and tea.  It was divine.  On saturday morning I met my friend Phuong for coffee and a walk.  I decided to get an iced tea instead of coffee.  I think that I am going to give up coffee for awhile again.  It’s time.  Lately coffee has been making me feel ill.  We walked for 5 miles and had a wonderful time catching up.  That afternoon my headache returned and lingered for most of the day.  I did not feel like cleaning, studying, or doing anything.  I took a nap which seemed to help then I caved and took a Tylenol.  that night, my headache finally went away.

Yesterday I felt tired and very emotional all day long.  I also didn’t feel like being around anyone.  This morning, I got my period so I think that explains things…  I have never let my period keep me from doing things in the past and I don’t want to start now.  I need to pull myself together!

I am worried that I am getting a little lazy and that needs to stop.  Really, it is probably a combination of lack of caffeine and my period.  I am going to try being gentle with myself rather than beat myself up about everything.  I feel myself leaning towards being hard on myself, but I don’t think that will help things.

For now I will take things one day at a time and focus less on how I feel and more on my goals and what I want/need to accomplish.


Love Thyself Then Spread the Love

  • Take time for self-care.
  • Learn to be Confident.
  • Nurture your relationships
  • Seek inspiration
  • De-clutter

How was your week?  I would love to hear all about it.

Love,  Joy, and Blessings Always,

Alana Xoxoxo

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