Daily Post: CLOUDS

I have clouds in my mind that block my dreams.  They are beautiful, puffy, sugary, and sweet clouds.

Clouds that distract me  from my studies and obstruct me from my goals and dreams…

But sometimes it is fun to daydream and admire these clouds.  Other times these clouds cloud my judgement and make me compare myself to others causing insecurity and jealousy.

I am aware that these clouds impair me.  Why don’t I just cast them away and clear them out?  I have the power to do this!

Cloudy thinking is a habit and even sometimes a vice.  The clouds blanket me and make me feel safe giving me a false sense of security.

The clouds lead me to believe that “I’m fine” when really I could be so much better.

The clouds sometimes look enticingly beautiful, but I remind myself that they are only an illusion.

If I can get past these clouds then I will see the purest form of sunshine.

Beyond these clouds of fear, doubt, and insecurity are my hopes, goals, and dreams.

I will release these clouds and become a better Me.


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