Daily Prompt: ADMIRE

If you look inside your heart and find a deep desire to grow then find someone or something that you admire. You can turn to an inspiring author, a friend, a teacher, or a mentor.  A mentor does not have to be someone that you personally know.  We live in a day and age where […]

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Be Real. Be True. Be You.

I need to come clean….I have something to confess. I am a fraud. My name is Sarah Gaines and I am the founder of Fit University, a college student’s go-to source for all things health & fitness. We preach moderation, self-love and enjoyment through fitness and aim to teach college students that fitness is not a… […]

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One Lovely Blog Award

Hello Everyone, I was nominated for the One lovely blog award by the lovely Eddaz. Thanks so much. Please  check out her blog, she writes about lifestyle, love, and poetry that will definitely dazzle and inspire you! Here are the rules for accepting the award: Thank the lovely person who nominated your blog and follow them. Display the award […]

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Daily Prompt:ELUSIVE

Happiness can be flitting and elusive. “Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you; but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.”  -Henry Thoreau Sometimes this feels like the story of my life.  To me it sounds […]

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Workout and Word of the Day #57

As a whole, the weather has been weird where I live.  Usually by now it would be hot and sunny all the time (like last summer and the summer before.)  This year it has been rainy, cloudy, and pretty cold especially for the end of July!  Surprisingly, I am not really complaining, just commenting.  The […]

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Transform Your Life Project #29

Out of all the months in this year I would say that July has been the fastest month for me.  I would compare it to frozen lemonade concentrate…  Icy, sour, pulpy, but also quite sweet and refreshing! This month we moved back into our master suite and welcomed 2 new tenants into our home.  There […]

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Daily Prompt: PUNISHMENT

When you were a child you were punished when you didn’t do your chores or when you were disrespectful. If you were out of line at school you would have to talk with a teacher or principal and they would discuss your punishment or consequence. If you are late for a job too many times or […]

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Day 3- 3 Day Quote Challenge

RULES FOR THE QUOTE CHALLENGE 1.Thank the blogger who nominated you. 2.Post 1-3 quotes a day for 3 consecutive days. 3.Nominate 3 bloggers each day. Hello Everyone!  I would like to thank my friend, Eddaz, for nominating me for this “Three Day Quote Challenge!  We have reached day 3!!!  It is non-consecutive, but I am happy […]

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