Daily Prompt: PLEASURE

There is a difference between happiness and pleasure.


Pleasure is a feeling of happiness and enjoyment.  It is used for entertainment rather than for business.  

It is sleeping in on a rainy day.

Going skinny dipping.

Relaxation on a sunny day.

Holding hands with someone you love.

Making someone smile.


Happiness is the state of being happy.

Having great relationships with your family and the people in your life.

Having true friends.

A great education.

The joy of doing things freely.


I could go on endlessly with examples of pleasure, but it was more challenging to think of true examples of happiness.  The definition of happiness appears to be simpler in words, but it is a little more challenging to define.

Pleasure is all about feelings it is satisfying for the moment then quickly fades, but happiness can be sustained beyond the activity that produces it.

I used to use drugs as an example of pleasure because the drug-user gets that JOLT of pleasure, but it quickly fades and can be harmful.

I think that pleasure can be a dangerous path to pursue because the sources of pleasure can lead to addiction.

I am not a drug user (outside of food), but here are some of the things that bring me pleasure:

  • Chocolate & Wine
  • Sweet & Salty
  • A good cup of tea
  • A passionate make-out session with my boyfriend / sensual sex
  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • A hearty meal

I can see how if I was to do these things constantly it would be bad for my health and well-being.  They are not as bad as being strung out on drugs, but they could lead to disease.

I used to think that all pleasure was a bad thing and that I should be disciplined and only pursue happiness.  I think that was when I associated pleasure with drugs.

Life is meant to be LIVED OUT LOUD!!!!

I do think that in moderation pleasure can help us connect the dots between those moments of happiness as long as we balance our moments of pleasure with plenty of discipline and self respect.

What do you think?

Is there a difference between happiness and pleasure?

Is one better than the other?

Is there a way to find both in a healthy manner?

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: PLEASURE

  1. Pleasure and happiness is like the same thing. Happiness means long-term pleasure. No need to make it complicated.
    Love the post btw 😉

  2. I think that pleasure can be safely indulged and happiness achieved. But happiness is a long term goal, whose definition is not always clear and it cannot always be viewed in the moment. But pleasures can be large or small; and they can bombard us all day long. Happiness is elusive, but when it is attained, it is a joy; a joy to be eternally remembered.

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