Daily Prompt: BURN

Light the match and there will be a flame, but don’t let it waste away and burn things down.

Not all fires need to be destructive disasters.

Burn with PASSION.

Burn with the desire to learn.

Let the love in your heart begin as a flame then grow into a raging fire of kindness and desire.

Burn down the broken bridges that you tried to repair, but were toxic to your existence because they lead you over sinking sand.

Burn those bridges down and blaze a different trail.

Burn those tapes in your mind that replay thoughts of negativity and self-doubt.  Replace it all with positive uplifting messages.

Your time to live is right here and NOW so LIVE OUT LOUD.

Never allow your goals, dreams and aspirations to burn down.  And if some of them tumble to the ground don’t let the ashes slip through your fingertips.

Be a Phoenix and RISE from your Ashes!




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