Daily Prompt: ISLAND

I love to be on island-time.  Singing my little island rhymes.

To some people I seem late, but in my world I feel so great!

I carry along this island vibe.  Spread joy to others and together we’re a tribe!

To the island is a distance to travel.  Feeling sand between my toes helps me to unravel!

I go to the beach and make a private speech.

I look into my soul and find that sparkly goal that has been buried deep inside.

The kind of goal that is horrendously huge you would have a tendency to hide.

Why would hide such a spectacular goal?  Why not open your arms wide and broadcast it with pride?!?!

It’s the fear of failure.  The doubt.  The anxiety.  All those things that keep me wound up so tightly.

So when I feel tightly wound and I need to unravel, I travel to the island and pick sand over gravel.


7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: ISLAND

  1. yes, the fear can paralyse every move, the question is who is scared? You? Your soul? I don’t think so, the only one who can be scared is the ego and if you know it then maybe you can see the whole thing differently?
    Besides what is better – to go after your goal and fail or to hide it and choke? Even if you fail you will get up (usually stronger, wiser and better)

    1. Thank you for your beautiful insight. This is really inspiring! I would rather go after my goals with the possibility of failing rather than hide away and never take risks.

      1. I know how it is. One day I was so fed up with being paralysed by fear that I said to myself “I prefer to die then live with fear” and then the fear disappeared 🙂 And when it disappears you suddenly see that there was never anything to be afraid of (but an image in your head 🙂

      2. You give me hope. Fear has held me back in so many ways and yes, it is paralyzing. I want to try and take that step and let it go so I can move forward. Thanks for being encouraging 🙂

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